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Bengkoang Series Mustika Ratu : Perfect Choice For Your Skin

Bengkoang Series Mustika Ratu– In the previous article, we already know what benefits Pachyrhizus erosus and how to apply it to daily use.

There are many Pachyrhizus erosus applications for daily use skincare from face skin, also for hand and body.

For the face, care can use Pachyrhizus erosus as a masker. Use it to cleanse the face and exfoliate dead skin cells and remove dead skin cells so that the face looks bright.

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In addition to treatments, Pachyrhizus erosus can also be used for hands and feet care. Bengkoang Series of Mustika Ratu can help brighten color the hands and feet look and the skin is also more nutritious.

This beauty product is suitable for Indonesian woman’s skin needs. From dry skin, oily skin until combination both of them can use Bengkoang Series Mustika Ratu.

Bengkoang Series from Mustika Ratu has a product line from Whitening Facial Wash, Cream Mask, Moisturizer with UV Filter, 2 in 1 Face Cleanser, Whitening Hand, and Body Lotion With UV Filter.

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Each of the product lines has benefits and each function. Starting from Whitening Facial Wash is a facial soap with scrub and foam super delicate to make the facial skin moist and smooth.

The content of Pachyrhizus erosus extract and licorice in it can be used as an exfoliation without leaving skin irritation to cleanse the face in a comprehensive manner.

Although rubbed repeatedly, the face will still feel soft. In fact, when applying it in the morning, the face will remain sparkling and far from dull during the day.

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Then Cream Mask. Pachyrhizus erosus Mask since the first trusted potent makes the face brighter. There are two variants namely the cream mask and mask powder.

The Pachyrhizus erosus extract, licorice, and vitamin C derivative can disguise black spots and brighten the skin.

To achieve maximum results, use this mask twice a week. For cream, the mask can be directly applied to the face and neck area. Let stand for 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

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Mask powder is used by means of mixing a powder mask with Mustika Ratu Sari White Roses. Then apply evenly to the entire face and neck using a brush. Let stand for 10 minutes, then rinse so that the skin feels soft.

After using the mask Pachyrhizus erosus, the skin feels softer, firmer, and humid. For oily and combination skin, it is recommended to use this mask regularly.

The next product is a Moisturizer with UV Filter. Temperature changes are uncertain, making the skin feel more dry than usual. Therefore, using a Moisturizer with UV Filters to hydrate the skin can be a solution.

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For those of you who want to appear natural, be able to use a moisturizer as base makeup. Because the formula in it is able to disguise black spots.

Next, we have the 2 in 1 Face Cleanser. Facial cleanser two-in-one cleansing and refreshing the skin of the face. Contains Pachyrhizus erosus extract and licorice in it is able to disguise black spots on the face.

Use with a cotton swab, and rub gently so that the dirt and oil stick will be lifted.

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The last product in Bengkoang Series is a Whitening Hand & Body Lotion with UV Filter. Hand and Body Lotion has been customized with any type of Indonesian women’s skin.

This makes it safe to use as often as possible. Contains extracts of Pachyrhizus erosus and sweet root in it can help lighten the color of the skin thoroughly.

The texture is creamy tends to be liquid. The aroma is quite gentle and does not sting. When used, the cream instantly absorbs so as to make the skin feel very comfortable.***


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