Beautysity 2024: Natural Touch in Lifestyle with Mustika Ratu

Jakarta – Taking care of yourself is one thing that should not be ignored, especially for women. And choosing self-care products certainly cannot be arbitrary, hey ladies.

One of the local brands that always offers practical but quality solutions to take care of yourself is Mustika Ratu.

Puteri Indonesia Pariwisata 2024 Ketut Permata Juliastrid or familiarly called Tata and Yoshi Sudarso, prominent celebrities provide personal experiences when trying various Mustika Ratu products that not only beautify the outside appearance but also support health from within.

Check out their interesting stories and find new inspiration to beautify yourself!

Feel & Touch: Exploring The Benefits Of Mustika Ratu Olive Oil

Tata and Yoshi, two prominent public figures, had the opportunity to try one of the flagship products of Mustika Ratu, namely olive oil. This product is not just an ordinary oil, but a versatile solution that can be used for various skin care needs.

Olive oil from Mustika Ratu is known for its properties that can moisturize, nourish, and rejuvenate the skin. Tata admits that olive oil is very useful especially when the skin feels dry after a day of activity. ”My skin becomes smoother and softer after using this olive oil, ” he said. While Yoshi added “ I like the soothing scent, perfect for relaxation.”

This multipurpose product has indeed become one of the best sellers in Mustika Ratu, because of its many benefits. In addition to skincare, olive oil can also be used as a hair moisturizer and even as a massage oil. This advantage makes Mustika Ratu olive oil a favorite choice for many people.

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Lip Gloss Making: Creativity in Every Stroke

A special event held by Mustika Ratu recently, namely a lip gloss-making session, was attended by 25 beauty enthusiasts and staff from MRA Group.

In the event, participants not only learn to make lip gloss but also gain important insights about choosing a lipstick color that suits their character.

“In this event, we also provide education that the lipstick color we choose can not only adjust the event but also adjust the character of each of us,” said Mega Anjasmoro as Group Brand Manager Mustika Ratu.

“We hope that participants can gain new knowledge and increasingly understand that Mustika Ratu products prioritize innovation and quality,” she added.

One of the most popular lip products from Mustika Ratu is Ultra-Plump Hydrating Lip Gloss with Almond Butter, Born This Glam, and Sparkle Shot variants. This Lip gloss not only provides a beautiful shine but also keeps lips moist throughout the day.

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Jamu Tasting: Enjoy Healthy With Jamu RTD Mustika Ratu

Yoshi also got the opportunity to try three variants of jamu Ready to Drink (RTD) from Mustika Ratu. This traditional drink that has been known for a long time now comes with a more modern and practical look.

” It’s been a long time since I drank jamu tastes this good, ” said Yoshi enthusiastically. The herbs that Yoshi tried included variants of tamarind sugar, tamarind turmeric, and kencur rice. “All I like, but most favorite sour sugar,” he said.

Yoshi’s presence at the Mustika Ratu booth attracted the attention of many visitors. Many are curious to try the RTD herbal drinks offered, and not a few end up falling in love with the taste and health benefits.

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Jamu RTD Mustika Ratu

Beautiful and Healthy Tips By Tata

For Tata, taking care of your appearance is not just a routine, but a lifestyle. They believe that true beauty comes from consistent care, both from the outside and the inside.

Yoshi has always emphasized the importance of regular exercise and healthy food intake. “Regular exercise keeps the body fit and the skin looks healthier,” she said. Tata, on the other hand, has specific tips for maintaining an ideal body shape. She regularly consumes Slimming Tea from Mustika Ratu known for its usefulness made from natural ingredients.

Slimming Tea helps Tata to stay fit and maintain an ideal weight. “I chose Slimming Tea because I know the quality and benefits. Made from natural ingredients that support my healthy lifestyle” ” explained Tata.

For those of you who want to try Tata and Yoshi-Style Beauty Secrets, check out Slimming Tea and other products on Shopee.

Tips Cantik dan Sehat Ala Tata

Quiz Time & Giveaway: The Thrill of Hunting for Gifts from Mustika Ratu

At the end of the event, Mustika Ratu also held a quiz session full of excitement. Lucky visitors can take home Mustika Ratu products for free.

Not only that, there are still attractive promos with up to 55% discounts for various Mustika Ratu products on various e-commerce platforms.

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Mustika Ratu continues to innovate by presenting quality products that support beauty and health care.

From multi purpose olive oil and eye-catching color lip gloss to healthy Jamu RTD, it’s all here to meet the needs of a modern lifestyle.

Bersama pengunjung Beautysity

Let’s start the first step to taking care of yourself with Mustika Ratu products and find the promos on Shopee.

Discover the magic of Mustika Ratu products and get interesting promos on Shopee. Do not miss the opportunity to experience the benefits of quality products that support your beauty and health.***

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