Mustika Ratu was born
from a desire to share
Indonesia’s cultural heritage
through a various of
high quality products
and natural treatments.

Indonesia’s Jewel

Making use of the natural and cultural wealth of Indonesia, Mustika Ratu preserves the nation’s heritage through a series of products with a touch of luxury that will exude beauty and fitness.

Our Mission

  • Protect and maintain the wealth of Indonesia’s natural and cultural resources, and elevate them with modern knowledge and technology.
  • Providing high quality products and services.
  • Inspire our employees in providing customer satisfaction.


Mustika Ratu continues to innovate to preserve a hundred-year-old herb and present it in a series of modern products that effectively care for your beauty.

Indonesia's Natural Wealth

The philosophy of natural beauty of Mustika Ratu came from knowledge originating from Indonesia’s abundant natural wealth and the wisdom of local traditions passed down through generations.

Touch of Luxury

The beauty rituals of the queen and princess of the Javanese Palace became our inspiration when pouring luxury into each beauty care product that will spoil you.

Best Inspiration
from Indonesia

Preserving ancestral recipes and the philosophy of the beauty of the Javanese Palace through a series of products made from the best natural, safe, and lawful are offerings as well as Mustika Ratu’s commitment to Indonesia and the world.

Indonesian Nature, Mustika Ratu's Wealth Heritage

Jicama, coconut, cucumber, soursop, betel leaf, and kemuning leaf extract are some of the natural ingredients from Indonesia, the benefits of which we present for your personal care.

Indonesian Nature, Mustika Ratu's Wealth Heritage

Explore the biodiversity of Indonesia and its properties in a series of facial and body treatments as well as Mustika Ratu health care that is ethically and responsibly processed.