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Cosmetic-Based Skincare, Intensive Targeted By Mustika Ratu

Cosmetics Based Skincare – Jakarta – PT Mustika Ratu Tbk focus aim the cosmetic market-based skincare from the material of herbs. After the Beauty Queen Series which contains extracts of moringa seeds, in the year 2022 Mustika Ratu launched the Bengkoang Series which consists of several variants.

“Mustika Ratu was originally known as the company of herbal medicine, and cosmetics. But we don’t have only decorative products, but also skincare, healthcare, and oral care.

This little miss information that cosmetics are not only makeup but also skincare, which has a big market, and over the past 40 years Mustika Ratu focus on using the basic ingredients of herbs as local knowledge combined with technology so as to produce innovation-based cosmetics based skincare,” said Director of Business Development and Innovation of PT Mustika Ratu Tbk Kusuma Anjani to Investor Daily during a media visit to the Berita Satu Media Holdings, on Tuesday (25/1/2022).

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Last year, Mustika Ratu issued a Beauty Queen Series which contains extracts of moringa seeds. “2022 is we are ready to launch Bengkoang Series.”

Bengkoang is not a new thing for Mustika Ratu. “Since then we’ve been using bengkoang, but we relaunch as Bengkoang Plus Series is to attract the gen millennial and gen Z market.

Bengkoang series is enriched by the content of rosehip, licorice, and niacinamide, which helps brighten the skin and last a long time with regular use,” she said.

While the previous product, Beauty Queen Series contains extracts of moringa seeds. “Moringa is a superfood and efficacious as an antioxidant and prevents premature aging,” says CEO of PT Mustika Ratu Tbk Egidius Sitomorang.

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Cosmetic products based on skincare from herbal ingredients, said Ajeng, should continue to be improved. “Mustika Ratu as the pioneer of cosmetic companies uses local herbs as well as taking care of the skin, see the fact that 70% of medicinal plants in the world are in Indonesia. This is a huge potential to be developed and used,” she said.

Unfortunately, Egidius said, not just raw materials for medicine, 90% of the raw material for cosmetics still use imported raw materials.

“If for herbal ingredients, 100% we use the local herbs, but for raw material and packaging, such as pumping a bottle of hand sanitizer or pumping cosmetic bottle, still imports,” said Egidius, who hopes the packaging industry and extract raw materials can be grown in Indonesia.***

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