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Market Grown, MRAT Increasingly High in the Halal Cosmetics

Market Grown – Market grown is certainly beneficial to the manufacturer of cosmetic groundwater, Mustika Ratu as a manufacturer of halal and local cosmetic products who has known both in Indonesia and at the world level.

“Indonesia as the country with the largest Muslim population in the world it’s time to contribute to the market of halal cosmetics, both nationally and globally. Not just as consumers, but also as a manufacturer of halal cosmetics in the middle market grow today.

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It will also increase the chances of the business to investors, Islamic financial institutions, and other parties to invest in a business in the halal cosmetics industry, said President Director of MRAT, Mr. Bingar Egidius Situmorang.

“The total population of Indonesia is Muslim-majority, namely 87,2% from 268 million people in Indonesia who took a share of 13% of the entire Muslim population in global.

It will increase the number of buyers of Muslim consumers continues to grow and awareness of the benefits of fashion and halal makeup,” he said.

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The Global Islamic Economy (GIE) Indicator, which measures the strength of Islamic economics in 73 countries, stated that Indonesia was ranked 5th in the year 2019/2020. This rating is undergoing repairs from the previous year (2018/2019), which ranked 10th.

Based on the report of The State of the Global Islamic Economy report in 2020-2021, the Muslims in global to spend not less than U.S.$ 2.02 trillion or close to Rp 29.000 trillion on the needs of the field of food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, fashion, and tourism sectors of the Islamic other. That number increased by 3.2% compared to 2018.

As the pioneer and manufacturer of halal cosmetics, MRAT is committed to providing beauty products the ultimate, safe, clean and healthy, as well as confirming the identity of MRAT as an icon brand of halal makeup for women in Indonesia.

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This is evident by the magnitude of the interests of consumers towards cosmetic products Mustika Ratu Beauty Queen Series.

Made from extracts of the leaves of moringa seeds that contain high antioxidants, vitamin E, boosts collagen production to reduce fine wrinkles, helps care for the youthfulness of the face skin, and makes beautiful skin healthy.

Beauty Queen series is supported by the Ministry of Trade and CHAMBER of Commerce (KADIN) to be used by the models in the Jakarta Fashion Week 2020 (JFW) and Jakarta Muslim Fashion Week 2021 (JMFW).

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All Mustika Ratu product has been tested by empirical studies and proven to be effective in maintaining the beauty and health of the skin are made from materials selection natural with the manufacturing standards such as the international ISO 9001, ISO 4001, GMP, and Halal Assurance System of the MUI.

Not only the Muslim market, but the trend of (back to nature) be also a business opportunity for MRAT to expand the export market. The European market is very paying attention to the Mustika Ratu product made from natural materials, healthy and safe.

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“Mustika Ratu product is very attractive and also successfully entered Canada, United States, Czech Republic, Suriname, Oman, Iraq, Taiwan, and 20 other countries.

MRAT also preparing for expansion into the Pacific such as Australia, New Zealand, Guam, and Fiji as well as West Africa such as Lagos and Mozambique.

We are optimistic that sales to the export market can be increased significantly with the expansion of the export market, “said Bingar Egidius.***

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