Protect Body from Omicron

Protect Body from Omicron, How Do We Act ?

Protect Body From Omicron – Currently, we see the news in various media has to rise of the new variants of the Covid-19, namely Omicron. While on the other side of the life of society is still not fully normal, this causes a society to adapt to life in the middle of this pandemic. The emergence of a variant of Omicron is increasingly aware that the pandemic is still haunting our lives.

Until Monday, January 24th, 2022 Indonesia has found 1.406 cases (data source). The increasing number of these positive cases should be warned to all Indonesian citizens in order to protect bodies from Omicron.

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Always protect the body from Omicron by applying tight and disciplined health protocol and applying 5 M ( wear a mask, wash hand, social distancing, avoid crowd, and reduce mobility)

Hopefully doing 5 M Principes above regularly, can help reduce transmission of the Covid-19 virus which starts infecting Indonesian people.

Applying the principles of 5M above is one action that can be done from the outside, we should not neglect to keep our bodies from the inside as a form of protection against the virus, which appears from the outside.

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One way to keep the body from within is to get used to a healthy lifestyle i.e. exercising regularly, consuming nutritious food as well as is always being positive thinking.

Exercising regularly is a form of positive behavior in maintaining health. We can start with exercise as simple as walking or jogging it is enough especially if done regularly.

In addition to exercising regularly, we should not forget about the intake of nourishing on the body. Intake not only in the form of nutritious food but also need to be given a health supplement made from natural ingredients.

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The health supplement has many benefits that can be tailored to our needs. But need to look closely at the ingredients contained in the supplement is.

When taking health supplements, we recommend the consumption of a supplement made with natural ingredients.

One of the health supplements that contain natural ingredients is Herbamuno+. Health supplement which is produced by PT Mustika Ratu Tbk (MRAT) is made from natural ingredients sourced from nature Indonesia.

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A natural ingredient such as the Andrographis paniculatae, Zingiberis Officinalis Rhizoma, Phyllanthi niruri Herba, licorice, and cashew leaf bring together in a product named Herbamuno+ is beneficial to keep the immune the human body.

The benefits of Herbamuno+ of them able to take care of imunitas body fixed prima, overcome the symptoms cough (expectorant), the relief of breathing (bronchodilator), body pain, headache, flatulence, and a crick, relieve pain, headache, flatulence, and helps relieve coughs.

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If anyone asks Herbamuno where to buy ? Herbamuno+ can be obtained in the e-commerce company in Indonesia including Tokopedia, Shopee, Lazada, Zalora, Blibli, Bukalapak and JD.ID.

Herbamuno+ made with 100% natural ingredients, safe to consume each day to maintain health and increase the body’s immune.

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