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New Habits During The Pandemic

New Habits – The impact of the pandemic Covid-19 in Indonesia has made the community adapt to new habits during the pandemic which aims to reduce the risk of transmission of the Coronavirus.

The government finally issued a number of policies habits of the new pandemic to minimize the risk of transmission is started with the rules of the PSBB, PPKM, PPKM Micro, PPKM Emergency, to PPKM level 4 which runs until today.

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In addition through the rules on the restriction of the activities of the society, the Government also disseminates information on new habits during the pandemic (the new normal) that must be understood by the public during the activity. Implementation of new habits is certainly useful in reducing the impact of transmission of the virus Covid-19 in everyday life.

Here is a new habit that you can do:

  1. The use of masks either in the form of medical masks or cloth masks at least 3 layers in accordance with the standard use of the mask given by the WHO. The use of masks can help to reduce transmission of the virus through the air and droplet (body fluids such as saliva, sputum).
  2. Always wash your hands using soap and water flow before and after doing the activities. However, if you do not find clean water then you can use hand sanitizer.
  3. If you finished the activity outside of the room/crowd then better get used to immediately showering and changing clothes after you get home.
  4. Keep social distancing rule when in the crowd.
  5. Try to cook your own food instead of buying food from outside. In addition to the more hygienic, making your own food is healthy.
  6. Clean the house regularly in the room/part of the house that is rarely cleaned.
  7. Limit activities outside the home except for family matters such as work or shopping.
  8. Doing a healthy lifestyle by sleeping 8 hours a day, consuming nutritious foods and beverages, and exercising.

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Sleep at least 8 hours a day, exercise regularly, and keep your diet is to always consume foods that contain nutritious enough of it should be added also the intake of other useful tips to keep the durability of the body.

To maintain the durability of the body, we know one of the herbal plants that phyllantus urinaria. As quoted from this page, phyllantus urinaria is a plant that grows well and is easily found in various regions in Indonesia and is known by many people.

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At this time, phyllantus urinaria can be found in the form of health supplements as in Herbamuno+ produced by PT Mustika Ratu Tbk. Herbamuno+ itself contains the 5 best herbs that come from Indonesia, including Andrographis paniculata, Zingiber officinale, Phyllanthus urinaria, Glycyrrhiza glabra, and Anacardium Occidentale Linn.

Benefits of Herbamuno+:

  • Able to maintain the immunity of the body remains primed
  • Have other benefits cope with symptoms such as: to relieve coughing (expectorant), a relief breathing (bronchodilator), body chills, dizziness, flatulence, and fatigue
  • Relieve chills, dizziness, flatulence and helps relieve a cough
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If there is anyone ask Herbamuno where to buy it? Herbamuno can be purchased in e-commerce brands in Indonesia include Tokopedia, Shopee, Lazada, Zalora, Blibli, Bukalapak, JD.ID

Herbamuno+ made from 100% natural and safe to be consumed every day, keep your immunity, day without worry! #IMUNKUATINDONESIASEHAT.

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