MRAT Enter New Industry

MRAT Enter New Industry: Entertainment Industry

MRAT Enter New Industry – Jakarta, PT Mustika Ratu Tbk (MRAT) penetrated the entertainment industry by establishing a new company PT Mustika Ratu Entertainment (MRE), in order to maximize the company’s assets that can be developed in the entertainment industry.

MRAT through its subsidiary MRE will work in the entertainment industry along with the increasing variety of formats world of entertainment through modern technology via the internet, a new social media app, as well as the lifestyle of the people who more closely with the devices to shift the landscape of the entertainment industry.

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“Nowadays, entertainment industry with digital technology is world trend which opens many opportunities to talent development and business opportunity in the entertainment world will grow. MRAT through MRE will be a part of Indonesia’s entertainment industry,” said MRAT Director, Kusuma Ida Anjani.

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With the entertainment industry growing so fast and also integrated with digital technology, Indonesia’s entertainment industry needs the best talents who can produce acceptable work. So that Indonesia would not just be a market for products from another country.

“MRE has the technology and best human resources that will develop potential Puteri Indonesia to collaborate with a hairstylist or makeup artist or event other parties to create couple program namely beauty program, traveling, religion, and vlog Puteri Indonesia as interesting content and useful to advance the beauty industry through a digital platform.

In the future MRE will be a favorite for the company by expanding to other businesses such as showbiz production and professional services, talent acquisition outside Puteri Indonesia and creating new icons in the entertainment industry through talent search or talent hunt program,” said Operational Director MRE, Johan Jafarudin commonly called Uncle Joe.

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As an MRAT new business unit, MRE always strives to produce professional in the world of entertainment that is ready to use, insightful, creative, and has the appearance of what is not in doubt.

“What makes the entertainment industry grow is qualified talent supply. Because of it, we are so enthusiastic about cooperating with Puteri Indonesia that has known by quality and performance undoubtedly,” Uncle Joe said.

MRE gives access to Indonesia’s entertainment industry talent to the broader market. Talent users such as companies, government, showbiz promoters, event organizers, advertising company and brands can find talent through MRE for the advertising industry, media, film, and also other entertainment.

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