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Medicinal Plants, 14 Species and its Benefits For the Body

Medicinal plants, do you ever heard the meaning of medicinal plants? The term refers to several plants that have the properties to heal and relieve a variety of diseases. The plants are there a wide variety, no fruit, spices, leafy plants, and also flowering.

Well, you are definitely aware of some of the plants that have known efficacy. For example like ginger, papaya, and others. But, some of these plants may still be foreign in your ears. In fact, it turns out that the plant is relatively rich in benefits, too! You were able to plant it in the yard of the house in order to more easily learn when it is needed. As taken by, this is it 14 medicinal plants and their benefits!

1. Medicinal Plants: Meniran

You may often look similar to plants with Putri malu. This plant is often found on the side of the road and is commonly mistaken for wild plants without benefits. But don’t get me wrong. It turns out that meniran green has a lot of benefits, you know. Such as lowering blood sugar, inhibiting kidney stones, improving liver health, warding off free radicals, in the form of antimicrobial, curing rheumatism, overcoming skin diseases, and even curing jaundice.

2. The Spices Of Indonesia: Temu Mango

Spice this one is the spices of Indonesia, which unfortunately is not quite known to many people. But, usefulness counted no less than other herbs. As reported by appointment mango contains natural antiseptic, in the form of laxative that is the content of which is often found in laxatives. This spice is beneficial to improve the body’s resistance, high antioxidant, has the content of anti-cancer, has a high content of anti-inflammatory, and countless rejuvenate the skin.

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3. Sambiloto: “The King of Bitter”

The plant is fairly easy and is mostly found in Indonesia. It tastes bitter, but the usefulness counted no less great. A medicinal plant that is often called the “King of Bitter” is to lower the fever, anti-parasitic and bacteria, improve the process of immune, inhibit cancer, inhibits diabetes, overcome the flu, increase the function of the liver, inhibit the emergence of heart disease, support the healing of the infection sinusitis, good for digestion, and also cope with anemia.

4. Medicinal Plants Leaf Saga

In addition to meniran, there are countless wild plants other rich benefits. His name is saga leaves. Reporting from, sage leaves have a protein content, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Saponins, Flavonoids, Tannin, Alkaloids, Calcium oxalate, Glisirizin, Flisirizinat, Polygalacturomic acid, and Pentosan. No wonder, the plant is able to function for a variety of diseases such as support to overcome fever, cough, sore throat, stomach ache, flu, asthma, eye pain, malaria, insect bites, and snake, to protect the hair.

5. Kumis Kucing: a Rich Floral of Benefits

Perhaps, among other medicinal plants, the plant is the most frequently heard of. Herbal plants are known to have anti-inflammatory substances this has a lot of benefits that can be used to cure and relieve a variety of diseases. Among others, the launch of the urinary tract, cure rheumatism, gout, cough, diabetes, hypertension, swollen gums, and also alleviate the wound in the skin.

Parts used from the cat whiskers to cure colds and sore waist are leaves. How to produce leaves cat whiskers is pretty easy. You stay boil a few leaves to water to taste and drink. In addition to the useful, the flowers are gorgeous countless suitable to be planted in the yard of a house, isn’t it?

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6. Flower Knob, Medicinal Plants Beautiful

There is another herbal plant that is able to add a beautiful impression to your backyard. This plant is a flower of the knob or commonly called the flower buttonhole and the flower puter is derived from America and Asia. In addition to functioning as an ornamental plant, the flower knob has countless rich benefits. Some of the efficacious cure inflammation of the eyes, headache, fever, dysentery, cough, asthma, accounting for increase your appetite.

How to plant flowers of this medicinal plant countless pretty easy. The flower just needs to be maintained better by always being watered, checking the soil moisture sensor, and fertilizing on a regular basis. To obtain usefulness, You are able to boil ten flowers along with the ginger and then drink the boiled water three times a day regularly. This herb is used to cure asthma or shortness of breath.

7. Leaves a Broken Bone for Broken Bone

In addition to the useful, the plants have a form of pull that is often used as an ornamental plant for some people. As the name suggests, leaves a broken bone to serve to heal broken bones and various other diseases. Ranging from toothache, skin diseases, accounting for a minor injury. But, you need to be alert when they want to utilize this plant as a medicine. You should consult in advance with the health experts. The sap of the plant is dangerous if comes in contact with the eyes due to the potential cause of permanent blindness.

8. Daun Tempuyung

You likely first see a plant this one. Who would have thought, the plants that are often found around us turned out to have many benefits. As reported by, Daun tempuyung contains many natural sources that are good for the body such as amino acids, polyphenols, proteins; alpha-and beta-amyrin, lipid, hydrocarbon polymer, lupeol, pseudotaraxasterol, and taraxasterol. Plant these herbs serve to reduce the content of uric acid, cope with kidney stones, inhibit hypertension, heal inflammation, and heal burns or bruises.

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9. Medicinal Plants: Duck Bill (Sosor Bebek)

This plant often grows wild in the garden. But, the plant duckbill is numberless widely used as an ornamental plant and may be used to resolve a wide variety of diseases. The plant has a form like a duck’s beak it has antiseptic to heal wounds, relieve headaches and fever, cope with a toothache, cure hemorrhoids, relieve breathing, cope with mosquito bites, and also relieve sore tonsils.

10. Keji Beling, a Medicinal Plant of Tropical Countries

Leaves keji beling is a medicinal plant that is able to grow in a tropical country such as Indonesia. A plant that has a smooth surface and is slightly hairy is famous for being able to support the cure of various diseases. Such as diabetes, cancer, tumors, kidney stones, hemorrhoids, piles, counteract free radicals, and as to relieve depression, you know.

11. The leaves of Gout for Joint Diseases

As the name suggests, this plant is used to cure rheumatism, joint pain, low back pain, and countless other diseases such as headache, skin diseases, accelerate throw a little water, until blood cancer. This is because it is contained chemical ingredients that are good for the body. But, You need to always be alert when using it because the leaves of this specialized are non-toxic. Do not attach the leaves’ gout too long so that the skin does not blister.

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12. Sage Leaves

Although not as famous as a medicinal plant other leaves, sage leaves it turns out that is commonly used as a seasoning and herbs even he is also widely used as a component of fragrances to soap and cosmetics. These leaves contain a lot of nutrients and vitamins that are good for the body. The benefits on the other are able to lower blood sugar and cholesterol, heal Alzheimer’s, control inflammation, reduce symptoms of menopause, healthy mouth, inhibit diarrhea, healthy bones, and cure many skin diseases.

13. Medicinal Plants Of The Earth Pegs

Medicinal plants this one is already long since been believed to the vitality of the man. But it turns out the usefulness of the pegs of the earth more than that, you know. pasakbuwono. This numberless able to support cope with the disease other than addressing the issues of fertility, lower stress, supports forming and raising muscle, raise testosterone, to boost your energy.

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14. Gandheli: Rare Medicinal Plants

If the plant is, the possibility of many of the fair sex who’s no stranger along with his Latin name, namely Centella Asiatica is commonly used in the content of skincare. Benefits gandheli leaves for part of the advance is to deal with acne and premature aging. But in addition, it turns out that these leaves have a myriad of other uses. Such as increasing the usability of the brain and memory, overcoming depression, doing the improvement of blood circulation, lightening stretch marks, healing wounds, to curing Alzheimer’s disease.

PT Mustika Ratu Tbk manufactures a variety of health products that are beneficial to health. Inspired by nature and the benefits of herbal medicine (herbal), Mustika Ratu processing products that are natural and natural, so according to the people of Indonesia. In addition Pasak Buwono, Mustika Ratu include processing commodities other health such as Herbamuno+ (to keep the body’s immune), Jejamu (herbal beverage with the taste of the present). The fourteenth of medicinal plants has so many benefits not, so which you’re looking for?

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