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Herbamuno+ Has Spread The Benefits For Indonesia

Since presented for the first time in 2020, health supplements Herbamuno+ has become the supplement immune booster that accompany the activities of Indonesian society from all fields and in particular help related parties handling COVID-19, namely the health personnel in charge of handling the patient.
Health workers consume Herbamuno+ to help improve the immune body as well as preventive measures so that the body is not easily exposed to Covid-19 and other diseases.

According To Dr.(Cand) dr. Telly Camellia, SpPD, KP, FINASIM, FACP, FCCP Division of Pulmonology Department of medicine faculty of medicine/RSCM present at the Media event Gathering Herbamuno+ some time ago that, “the immune system or the immune system has a function very central in the defense of the human body.
One effort that can be done by any person in order to avoid the attack of bacteria and viruses is to maintain the durability of the body remains fit and primed with to consume health supplements and herbal medicine.”

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Indonesia has various types of herbal plants that provide benefits to maintain and improve the durability of the body to avoid the attack of bacteria and viruses. And now comes the natural immunomodulator made from herbs native to Indonesia that is Herbamuno+.

Herbamuno+ containing 5 herbs such as bitter, ginger, meniran, sweet roots, and leaves of cashew nuts to make the composition in each caplet Herbamuno+ complete and is suitable for use as an immunomodulator.
An immunomodulator is a substance that serves to modify the immune response against the antigen from the body and outside the body or foreign objects that threaten the health,” said dr. Inggrid Tania, M. Si, Chairman of the Association of Physicians Developers of Traditional Medicine and Herbal medicine Indonesia (PDPOTJI).

Immunomodulators made natural can be obtained from herbal plants native to Indonesia as meniran, moringa leaves, and turmeric.
Herbamuno+ which also contains meniran in every caplet, since its launch has been consumed by a variety of people ranging from journalists, health workers, local government, hospitals belonging to the Army in Indonesia.

Herbamuno+ Is a Combination of Science, Technology, and Nature

Herbamuno+ is one of 14 herbal remedies that are received mentoring by the FDA for adjuvant treatment of COVID and is the preparation of clinical trials in a Hospital Emergency COVID (RSDC) Wisma Atlet Kemayoran, so it is safe to be consumed.

Herbamuno+ combines science, technology & natural ingredients in a single product as well as has got authorization from the BPOM RI. The herbal supplement is made from a blend of 5 natural ingredients in Indonesia, i.e., the Bitter, Sweet Root, Meniran, Ginger, and Leaves of Cashew nuts.
A combination of five natural ingredients devastating it produces a concoction that is optimal and has the function of anti-pain, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective, bronchodilators, and gastroprotection.

The fifth natural ingredient contained in Herbamuno+ has been studied in the book of Natural Health Source written by DR. BRA Mooryati Soedibyo, the founder of PT Mustika Ratu Tbk at once The master of medicinal herbs more than 20 years ago.

PT Mustika Ratu, Tbk is committed to continuing to deliver health products to help the country of Indonesia soon recovered from the conditions of this pandemic and urge the public to always do discipline protocol health and always apply a healthy lifestyle and consume a supplement that helps increase your immune system.



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