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Olive Oil Benefits : Can Preventing Panda Eyes ?

Olive Oil benefits – If we have eyes that are fresh and healthy, which can be a sign that we are a person who regularly keeps the body, food, and lifestyle. What if a blackened eye or eyes of a panda? This could be a signal that the body is not healthy enough due to the eye being too tired and too often stay up late.

The condition of the eyes that have dark circles or often referred to as panda eyes appear to interfere with the appearance. For that reason a lot of people who really wanted panda eyes disappeared. One way to remove panda eyes is to use olive oil. The easy deployment also makes olive oil was chosen to eliminate the panda eyes.

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Olive oil also has many benefits, both health and beauty. The benefit for the beauty of one of them is to deal with eye bags. The content of vitamin E which is owned by olive oil can tighten the skin and prevent wrinkles in the eye area.
Do you want to know how? Taken from Beautynesia, follow this way every night:

  1. Wash your face first
  2. Wash your hands with clean so that dirt does not stick in the face
  3. Apply the olive oil slowly to the under-eye area
  4. Let sit overnight so that the olive oil can absorb maximally against the skin
  5. The next morning, rinse your face with clean water
  6. In addition to could get rid of bags under the eyes, your face will feel fresh the next day.

Olive Oil Benefits For The Skin Of The Face

PT Mustika Ratu Tbk has the products Olive Oil contains antioxidants such as polyphenols that help facial skin free from infections. Antibacterial in Olive Oil Mustika Ratu could also help the process of care and acne scars on your face.

About Mustika Ratu

Mustika Ratu is a cosmetic and health wellness brand local company in Indonesia. Under the auspices of PT Mustika Ratu, Tbk was established by DR. BRA. Mooryati Soedibyo in 1975, she is the grandson of King Pakubuwono X. olive oil benefit Mustika RatuStarting from the home industry, which further developed into well-known brands and prestigious in the country. Produce various commodities beauty and health, cosmetics, body care, face care, breast care, to feminine care. Inspired by nature and the benefits of herbal medicine, Mustika Ratu (MRAT) processing products that are natural and natural, to fit the population of Indonesia. In addition Pasak Buwono, Mustika Ratu including processing commodities other health such as Herbamuno+ (to keep the body’s immune), Jejamu (herbal beverage with the taste of the present).

Therefore we recommend you do the treatment together with olive oil benefit every single day. Also, avoid sleeping late at night, make sure you drink enough water and stay away from cigarettes. It is not so difficult to do instead? Whatever your skin case is, Olive Oil Mustika Ratu’s solution is. You can find olive oil at Mustika Ratu Official Store in  e-commerce such as Tokopedia, Shopee, Lazada and it also available in other stores such as Watson, Guardian, Kimia Farma, Century, Lottemart, Alfamart, Indomaret, Alfamidi, Superindo, Giant and Transmart.



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