Powerful Way To Maintain Immune In The Midst of Pandemic

In a time of pandemic like today, the desire to maintain endurance certainly can not be underestimated. More and more people are realizing that maintaining their immune system must be done regularly. In addition to exercising, of course we need to add intake of herbal supplements as a powerful way to help strengthen our immune system.

Indonesia has been known as a country that has a variety of herbal plants and has been used for many generations in order to maintain a healthy body even since our ancestors. In this article, there are 5 benefits of herbal plants that can be consumed to maintain our daily health, let’s see the explanation below:

Emprit Ginger (Jahe Emprit )

We should be proud of emprit ginger. Emprit ginger itself is a local Indonesian variety of ginger which is commonly known as white ginger or sunti ginger. This emprit ginger rhizome has a softer texture when compared to other types of ginger, so it is often used as a raw material for herbal medicine. Besides being easy to get because this herb is native to Indonesia, it turns out that emprit ginger has a many great benefits.

The benefits of emprit ginger include increasing the ability to ejaculate in men, preventing premature aging, preventing the development of cancer cells and tumors, treating motion sickness, treating asthma and respiratory disorders. Emprit ginger also stimulates the secretion of the hormone insulin by the body. And this one is definitely awaited by those who want to diet. Emprit ginger is able to prevent obesity because the chemical content of gingerol contained in it is able to reduce blood sugar content, lose weight and control the formation of fat tissue. You should consume emprit ginger in a reasonable portions.

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Do not underestimate this herb. Get it’s name. We often find this leaf anywhere, especially on the sides of the road. Meniran is a herbaceous plant that grows freely in nature. Even so, don’t ever take it lightly with this herb.
Meniran is believed to be able to cure jaundice and repair damaged liver tissue. It because meniran has anti-hepatoprotective properties. In addition, meniran is also able to reduce the risk of gout, kidney stones, reduce the risk of hypertension, prevent skin diseases, overcome joint inflammation and increase endurance. Do not look at the small shape but look at the great benefits in it.

Bitter Leaf

For some people, the name sambiloto leaves may still be less familiar. However, for those who observe the world of herbs, bitter leaf has long been believed to be able to treat various diseases.

Bitter leaf is a plant that is immunostimulant, meaning that if consumed regularly it can improve the performance of organs related to the immune system. Sambiloto is also believed to relieve inflammation and respiratory tract infections. For those who want to try bitter leaf, don’t worry, now bitter leaves that have been extracted into caplets so they are very easy to consume.


Licorice is an herb that comes from Europe and Asia. The nutritional content in licorice is protein, carbohydrates, sugar, vitamin A, and antioxidant compounds such as flavonoids and glycyrrhizin. Licorice also contains triterpenoids, which are antiviral substances that are good for the body’s immune system. But remember, always consume in reasonable amounts.

Cashew Leaves

Who doesn’t know cashew or cashew? In addition to the fruit, it turns out that cashew leaves are beneficial for human health. Cashew leaves are useful for overcoming constipation, overcoming skin diseases, treating canker sores, treating high blood pressure, reducing dysentry, treating mouth inflammation, treating rheumatism or joint pain, treating aches and pains, flu, hypertension, treating bronchitis, eliminating bad breath, increasing libido. , reduce fever, treat toothache and protect the body from bacteria. There are so many benefits of this cashew leaf.

Of course, regularly consuming 5 herbs above can certainly be a powerful way that helps us maintain health and maintain endurance, especially those of us who have to do activities every day. Of course to get the maximum benefits of the herbs above you have to combine the five herbs into one. But you don’t need to bother mixing it one another because there is an easy way to consume all at once. Now present in the midst of Indonesian market a product that contains 5 herbs mentioned above at once in one caplet, name is Herbamuno+

Immune booster in Herbamuno+ contains powerful herbs composition

Produced by PT. Mustika Ratu, Tbk which has a reputation for decades in producing herbal products, Herbamuno+ is produced without preservatives so it is safe for consumption every day and by all ages. Herbamuno+ is easy to carry anywhere because of its practical packaging. You can also get Herbamuno+ , at the nearest Indomaret minimarket from home or you can shop online on your cellphone in well-known marketplaces in Indonesia such as Tokopedia, Shopee, Lazada, Zalora, Blibli, Bukalapak, JD.ID .


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