Skin Care Treatment With Olive Oil Based Product, What is The Benefit ?

olive oil benefit Mustika Ratu

Skin Care Treatment – Olive oil is known as an oil that has many health benefits, one of which is for the skin. As quoted from Healthline, there are research say that regularly applying olive oil on skin exposed to ultraviolet rays able to fight cancer cells. On the other hand, benefits of olive oil […]

Jicama Is Beneficial For The Body, Not Just For The Skin

Jicama - Bengkoang Series

Jicama Is Beneficial For The Body – Most users of beauty products certainly know the benefits of Jicama (Pachyrhizus erosus) for skin care. The ability of Jicama to brighten the skin makes it the queen of beauty product. It turns out that in addition to being beneficial for the skin, Jicama stores a myriad of […]

Benefit of Facial Wash You Need To Know

benefit of facial wash mustika ratu

Benefit of Facial Wash –  For fans of facial care products, it is familiar with the name facial wash. Yes, facial wash is one of the facial care product that have been widely known since a long time. Facial wash is more often known to the public by another name facial washing soap. If our […]

Bengkoang Series Mustika Ratu : Perfect Choice For Your Skin

Jicama - Bengkoang Series

Bengkoang Series Mustika Ratu– In the previous article, we already know what benefits Pachyrhizus erosus and how to apply it to daily use. There are many Pachyrhizus erosus applications for daily use skincare from face skin, also for hand and body. For the face, care can use Pachyrhizus erosus as a masker. Use it to […]

6 Correct Way To Use Body Lotion

6 correct way

6 Correct Way To Use Body Lotion – Every people would love to have smooth, bright, and healthy skin. In order to get smooth and bright skin, one of them is by using body lotion. As quoted from this page, body lotion is a basic body care treatment we can do. Using the best body […]

Get To Know Body Butter, What’s The Difference With A Body Lotion?

get to know body butter

Get To Know Body Butter – Body butter is a body care product that contains moisturizer that is good for dry skin. Most people use a moisturizing product as basic care to keep skin hydrated and healthy. One of the products humidifiers are sold in the market but not many know that one of them […]

Usability of Body Scrub Need To Be Known

Usability of Body Scrub

Cleaning the body skin is not just enough if only with soap alone, you also need to know what is called a body scrub. A body scrub is a body treatment that is also often known together as the facial body or bleaching. The usability of a body scrub is a hydrate the skin, so […]

Olive Oil Benefits : Can Preventing Panda Eyes ?

olive oil benefit Mustika Ratu

Olive Oil benefits – If we have eyes that are fresh and healthy, which can be a sign that we are a person who regularly keeps the body, food, and lifestyle. What if a blackened eye or eyes of a panda? This could be a signal that the body is not healthy enough due to […]