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6 Correct Way To Use Body Lotion

6 Correct Way To Use Body Lotion – Every people would love to have smooth, bright, and healthy skin. In order to get smooth and bright skin, one of them is by using body lotion.

As quoted from this page, body lotion is a basic body care treatment we can do. Using the best body lotion can make skin keep hydrated dan maintain the humidity.

But we must remember, the benefits of body lotion we can get optimally if we keep up with a healthy lifestyle and the right use of lotions.

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But sometimes we often find that there are still many some people who feel that the skin is not in accordance with the desired although it is already using a body lotion. If conditions are such that there is a possibility that their use is not appropriate.

Roughly how to use the right body lotion for dry skin? Here we give you 6 Right Ways to Use Body Lotion as mentioned below :

1. Body should be clean before using it

The dirt on the body can inhibit the moisturizer in body lotion, to come into contact with the skin. This can cause the moisturizing benefits are not absorbed maximum by the body.

In addition, an unclean body it can cause the pores to be obstructed, so when using body lotion for dry skin in those conditions can cause another skin problem such as blackheads or event acne.

2. Routine in the Use of Product

Use a body lotion at least twice a day i.e. the time after a bath in the morning and in the afternoon. Routine use makes the skin can be maintained the level of moisture and the skin can get maximum nutrients.

Even for specific situations such as example in the evening before sleeping in the air-conditioned room, we can use it before going to bed because being in the air conditioning can make the skin becomes dry quickly. In addition, when sleep is a moment where the skin regenerates skin cells.

3. Use After a Bath

The most appropriate time to use a body lotion after a shower. Why? This is because, after a shower, the pores of the skin open so that the absorption will be maximal at that time. In addition to being used after the bath, body lotion can also be applied after the skin come into contact with water because the skin tends to be dry after being exposed to water.

4. Apply to Entire Body

Basically, all parts of the skin are required to get the same nutrients. Body lotion should not be given to one part of the body such as the hands and/or feet. Parts of the body that are rarely or perhaps never given body lotion have the potential to experience that is the name of the skin is rough, dull, and appearance of fine lines. Therefore, apply the lotion evenly to all parts of the body that are considered important.

5. Gentle Massage Movement

The right way to apply body lotion is by massaging in gently and with a little pressure. This technic will make the skin absorb maximum and make it brighter, healthier, and glowing.

6. Apply with thin and evenly

Worrying if skin becomes dry sometimes be a reason for people to use body lotion is excessive. It could be a boomerang for the skin as the lotion is applied too thick can cause buildup, especially in the skin folds that create acne or even blackheads. In addition, excessive use can make the skin easily dull and less bright.

Above are the tips on how to use correct body lotion. If you need body lotion which is made with natural ingredients and suitable for tropical skin, so you can try Hand & Body Lotion from Mustika Ratu.

Hand & Body Lotion Mustika Ratu is divided into several types including :

  1. Mustika Ratu Whitening Hand and Body Lotion Bengkoang
  2. Mustika Ratu Mangir Putih Body Lotion
  3. Mustika Ratu Sari Jeruk Body Lotion

6 Correct Way To Use Body Lotion

Containing natural ingredients such as Jicama (Pachyrhizus erosus) and sweet root (Glycyrrhiza glabra), this Mustika Ratu Whitening Hand & Body Lotion does not just keep the body moisture but also brightens skin color.

Has the texture is a bit ‘heavy’ so this product needs a longer time to absorb, but when the substance absorbs the skin was moist and did not leave the skin feeling sticky. You can get the Hand & Body Lotion Mustika Ratu in the marketplace as well as Tokopedia, Shopee, and Lazada.

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