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Skin Care Treatment With Olive Oil Based Product, What is The Benefit ?

Skin Care Treatment – Olive oil is known as an oil that has many health benefits, one of which is for the skin. As quoted from Healthline, there are research say that regularly applying olive oil on skin exposed to ultraviolet rays able to fight cancer cells.

On the other hand, benefits of olive oil is as an antioxidant, moisturizing the skin, preventing bacteria and nourishing the skin and it is a part of skin care treatment.

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Mustika Ratu has a line of olive oil-based products. This series of products made from olives also contains antioxidants, vitamins A, D, E, and K. And therefore provides changes in the skin. For example, here are the products and uses of the olive oil skin care series from Mustika Ratu :

  • Versatile Olive Oil
    Olive oil is more than just a massage oil and is beneficial from head to toe. The ingredients contained are olive oil, mojokeling seeds, aromatic essential rose, and jasmine oil. The benefits are that it can remove waterproof makeup (waterproof), disguise stretch marks lines, and can be used as skincare, as Massage Oil, Moisturizing lips, and relaxing aroma.
  • Lemongrass Olive Oil
    Massage oil that gives a warm effect and aroma that gives relaxing properties, easily absorbed into the skin, and does not create a sticky impression. In addition to olive oil, there are lemongrass, cajuput leaf oil, vitamin E and aromatic essential oil. As for its usefulness, it moisturizes the skin, warms and improves blood circulation, nourishes the skin, and relaxes.
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  • Anti-Pollution Face Wash Olive Oil
    Facial soap products that can clean dirt and residual pollution into the pores, so that the skin feels clean and fresh. Olive oil and moringa extract are the ingredients. The benefits of using it are lifting dirt, anti-inflammatory, also serves as an anti-pollutan.
  • Anti-Pollution Peel Off Mask Olive Oil
    Anti-pollution face mask that helps remove dirt, remnants of pollution, and remove dead skin cells. Ingredients include olive oil and collagen. The benefits of using this product is to clean the remaining pollution attached, remove dead skin cells, as a moisturizer and soften the skin, maintain elasticity and tighten the skin.
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  • Shower Gel Olive Oil
    This product effectively cleanses the body with its ability to maintain skin moisture. Shower Gel Olive Oil has benefits that are rich in antioxidants, moisturize the skin, and cleanse the skin so it looks brighter.
  • Body  Olive Oil
    Not just ordinary soap but this soap effectively cleanses the body by keeping the skin moist. Olive body soap is useful to moisturize the skin and make the skin look brighter.

  • Body Scrub Olive Oil
    This product effectively removes dead skin cells by keeping the skin moist. While its usefulness is able to remove dead skin cells without removing moisture and make the skin brighter.
  • Body Butter Olive Oil
    With the content of olive oil, body butter is able to moisturize and soften dry skin naturally.
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  • Olive Hand & Body Lotion
    We often use hand and body lotion to moisturize and nourish the skin. Containing ingredients such as olive oil, phytofirm, vitamin E, this product helps to maintain skin elasticity and moisturize the skin, especially for those with sensitive skin.
  • Hand Sanitizer Spray and Gel
    Contains five natural ingredients that effectively kill germs and bacteria on the skin. This hand sanitizer is made with ingredients such as 70 percent alcohol, olive oil, aloe vera, tea tree oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, and witch hazel. In addition to killing germs and bacteria, it softens the skin, nourishes the skin, also serves as an antiseptic and helps eliminate unpleasant odors.***



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