Great benefits in Herbamuno For Endurance

Great Benefits in Herbamuno

Great Benefits in Herbamuno – Everyone generally wants a strong immune system. This is so that the body is not easily infected with the virus and can carry out daily activities smoothly. Many things can be done to maintain endurance, such as exercise, eating healthy foods to special drugs to maintain and increase the body’s […]

Remain Productive With Mustika Ratu and PDPI Jakarta

remain productive

Remain Productive – PT Mustika Ratu Tbk (MRAT) and PDPI Jakarta held a webinar on Wednesday, February 19, 2022. Themed “Block Omicron Order to Remain Productive” with Lung Specialists Indonesia, this webinar is expected to become the information to the general public. The Webinar was attended by the Chairman of the Association of Researchers of […]

Clinical Trials Will be Completed Soon, Herbamuno+ Ready To Be Drug for Covid-19

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials Herbamuno+ as adjuvants handling of Covid-19 is targeted to be completed in a matter of months. With the completion of clinical trials, the status of Herbamuno as herbal medicine will be increased to pharmacy or medicine made from herbs. “The target of clinical trials completed in a matter of months in this year. […]

Hand Sanitizer Spray: Help Take Care Of Hand Hygiene In The Pandemic

hand sanitizer spray

Hand Sanitizer Spray – Pandemic virus Covid-19 is as if the unrelenting thronged a number of mass media in Indonesia, both online media to electronic media. The emergence of the latest variant of the Covid-19 named Omicron owns increasingly confirms that the pandemic is still not over. And the public should not be the slightest […]

Protect Body from Omicron, How Do We Act ?

Protect Body from Omicron

Protect Body From Omicron – Currently, we see the news in various media has to rise of the new variants of the Covid-19, namely Omicron. While on the other side of the life of society is still not fully normal, this causes a society to adapt to life in the middle of this pandemic. The […]