Road to JMFW 2023

Road to JMFW 2023: Support Indonesia’s Muslim Fashion and Cosmetics Industry Become The World’s Halal Product Producer 2024

Road to JMFW 2023, Jakarta – Yayasan Puteri Indonesia, and Mustika Ratu hold Road to Jakarta Muslim Fashion Week (JMFW) with the theme “Glowing with JMFW 2023 with 44 finalists Puteri Indonesia” held at Gandaria City Mall, Sunday, May 22, 2022. This activity is in conjunction with the series of Indonesian Princess Election (PPI) 2022 activities.

The cooperation between Yayasan Puteri Indonesia, Mustika Ratu, Directorate General of National Export Development (PEN) – Ministry of Trade, and the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) is an effort to realize Indonesia as a World Halal Producer Center in 2024.

The event opened with a parade of performances of 44 finalists Puteri Indonesia 2022 using Muslim clothing made by a local designer who was beautified with Beauty Queen Series Mustika Ratu cosmetic makeup and continued with the glowing Road to JMFW 2023 talk show.

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Present as a resource person deputy for Digital Economy and creative products Kemenparekraf, Muhammad Neil El Himam, National Chairman of Indonesia Fashion Chamber (IFC), Ali Charisma. Also present was the Chairman of the Association of Entrepreneurs and Cosmetics Association (PPAK), Solihin Sofyan, Director of PT Mustika Ratu Tbk, Kusuma Ida Anjani, and Director of Export Product Development of the Ministry of Trade, Miftah Farid as moderators.

Chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce, Arsjad Rasjid said Road to JMFW 2023 is an inclusive real coordination across sectors with the Puteri Indonesia Foundation, Mustika Ratu, the Ministry of Trade, and the Chamber of Commerce in advancing Muslim fashion and Indonesian halal cosmetics.

“Kadin is committed to facilitating halal industry players including digital MSMEs to expand access to the global market through digital technology, “he said. Road to JMFW 2023 can be a strategy and promotion for the Muslim fashion industry both at the local and world levels.

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Member of the Presidential Advisory Council (Watimpres) as well as the Advisory Board of the Puteri Indonesia Foundation, Putri Kus Wisnu Wardani highly appreciated Road to JMW 2023 with Puteri Indonesia 2022. This activity is also a side event of the G20 which is shown to accelerate national economic recovery through the fashion industry and halal products.

“I hope that through this activity, it will become a momentum for all stakeholders in the halal industry sector to improve themselves, improve product quality and continue to adjust so that they can take part and take strategic steps to realize their industry as a World Halal producer Center in 2024, “ he said.

The expert staff of the Minister of Trade Services – Ministry of Trade, Frida Adiati revealed, that the strong synergy between the Muslim fashion industry and national cosmetics contributed greatly to realizing Indonesia’s ideals to become the world’s largest producer of halal products.

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“We realize that efforts to build a Muslim fashion ecosystem will have a domino effect on supporting industries and MSMEs throughout Indonesia. In addition, it can also realize the ideals of Indonesia as the mecca of World Muslim fashion in 2024. JMFW is present not only to promote fashion products but also to lift the potential of Indonesian cosmetic products,” said Frida.

Frida is optimistic that Indonesia as a country with a large Muslim population can seize opportunities. It can dominate the global halal product market. It was also given the trend of demand for halal products is currently increasing.

Director of Export Product Development, Miftah Farid added that to realize Indonesia as the mecca of Muslim fashion in the world, many things need to be done. The Indonesian Muslim Fashion Roadmap, in 2024, targeted to declare Indonesia as the center of World Muslim fashion, through JMFW as an international event. The year 2023, is the strengthening of networking by diving directly into the international fashion map. And, in 2022, the focus of the strategy is strengthening branding.

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“The Ministry of Trade supports the implementation of PPI 2022 as part of the Road to Jakarta Muslim Fashion Week (JMFW) 2023 with the peak of the event on October 20-22, 2022. Back-to-back with the implementation of Trade Expo Indonesia 2022, at ICE BSD, Tangerang,” Farid explained.

Road to JMFW collaboration of 44 finalists Puteri Indonesia aims to introduce and raise business in the Muslim fashion sector in the country. This event is expected to be the largest Muslim fashion show in Indonesia that can increase the value of Indonesian exports.

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Director of PT Mustika Ratu Tbk (MRAT) Kusuma Ida Anjani said the event collaborated with Puteri Indonesia 2022 and Mustika Ratu was implemented as a form of support in line with the government’s program to make Indonesia A Global Halal Hub in 2024. This initiative is carried out in collaboration with parties such as the Ministry of Trade, Chamber of Commerce, Cosmetics Association, Textile Association, and Indonesian designers,” said Kusuma Anjani.

All Mustika Ratu products, both cosmetics, care, and health utilize natural ingredients from Indonesia. Processed through international standards and has been certified halal. This confirms Mustika Ratu’s identity as a makeup brand icon that supports beauty and fashion, as part of the halal lifestyle.***

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