puskesmas expo 2022

Puskesmas Expo 2022, Mustika Ratu Brings Featured Products

Puskesmas Expo 2022 – Jakarta – Mustika Ratu supports Puskesmas Expo 2022 organized by The Jakarta Puskesmas Association (APJ) together with the Jakarta Provincial Health Office. This activity is part of the G20 – Urban 20 (U20) Event, at Bidakara Hotel, Jakarta, on June 23-25, 2022.

The event is also in the support of Urban 20 and Group Twenty (G20) in commemoration of the 495th anniversary of DKI Jakarta. Puskesmas Expo 2022 carries the theme “Welcoming the Transformation of Resilient Primary Health Services by Strengthening Community Empowerment.“

Puskesmas Expo 2022 was attended by Puskesmas, health offices, health facilities organizations, and health professional organizations.

Also attended by the Association of Health Science educational institutions and Medical/Health Student Organizations. Not to forget Health Science Education Institutions, as well as medical and health students throughout Indonesia, participated.

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Puskesmas Expo aims to increase knowledge among puskesmas in Indonesia regarding the transformation of Puskesmas health services.

The series of activities will present related discussions :
– Transformation of Primary Health Services in Strengthening Public Health
– Digitalization Of Health
– Policy Reform Of The Functional Position Of Head Of Puskesmas
– BLUD Puskesmas policy and implementation
– Excellence, Achievement, and innovation Puskesmas,
-Presentation of health experts and figures that will be collaborated with Public figures or influencers and celebgrams who have a concern in the world of Health.

PT Mustika Ratu Tbk (MRAT) a company that conducts business in the field of holistic, beauty, health, and wellness business supports this event.

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Puskesmas Expo 2022, an exhibition that presents services and products that support the rise of Health Care Transformation.

As conveyed by Head of Business Development & Partnership PT Mustika Ratu Tbk (MRAT) Astrid Warganegara. At Puskesmas Expo 2022 Mustika Ratu displayed a number of health products such as Herbamuno+, Sanitizer Series, Hand Rub, Handscrub, and Personal Protective Equipment.

In addition, there is also Beauty Queen, Personal Care, herbal medicine RTD and also Jejamu by Mustika Ratu. Mustika Ratu products have been certified TKDN from official institutions and registered to make them available in the National E-catalog.

“Mustika Ratu beauty products are also trusted by The Jakarta Puskesmas Association to beautify 30 medical personnel. Consists of Doctors, Hospital directors, and other medical personnel by professional make-up artist (MUA) Mustika Ratu,” she said.***

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