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More Fresh Look, Mustika Ratu Collaborates With Mawar De Jongh To Become Brand Ambassador Of Bengkoang Series

More Fresh Look – Talented young artist, Mawar de Jongh was appointed brand ambassador for the brightening Bengkoang series Mustika Ratu. Mawar de Jongh is able to maintain an existence in a career, which grants her worth of being a representation of successful young women.

Mustika Ratu, a pioneer of beauty and wellness in Indonesia introduces Mawar de Jongh as Brand Ambassador brightening Bengkoang Series. The ceremony coincided with the 2022 Puteri Indonesia culture-based Fashion Show at Gandaria City, Jakarta (21/05/2022).

Mawar de Jongh herself is an Indonesian actress, singer, and model of Dutch descent-Karo who has been talented since childhood and became an inspiration for other young people in Indonesia.
Mawar was chosen by Mustika Ratu because of her achievements and ability to represent the spirit of the young generation.

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Chief Marketing Officer of PT Mustika Ratu Tbk, Reza Dien Novita said, ” Mawar de Jongh is a representation of young people who are energetic, confident, and accomplished. Using brightening jicama Series helps Indonesian women gain confidence by using glowing and healthy skin care products.”

Thanks to his great talent in acting, he was able to star in several big-screen titles. The Film “Bumi Manusia” is a film that made him successful in competing with Iqbal Ramadhan. She also played in the film friends but Married 2 with Adipati Dolken which earned her the award. At the Indonesian Movie Actors Awards 2021, Mawar de Jongh won the award for Best Female Lead and Favorite Female Lead. Those achievements of Mawar de Jongh can be an inspiration for the millennial generation.

This beautiful young artist is also talented as a singer. She debuted as a singer in 2018, collaborating with Julian Jacob and releasing a song called Heartbeat. There were 2 singles that became hits, namely “Lebih Dari Egoku“and “Sedang Sayang Sayangnya”. The Single “Lebih Dari Egoku” was able to rank two Billboard Indonesia top 100 charts at that time. Good vocal skills made her a nomination as The Best Female Pop Solo Artist at the 2020 Indonesian Music Awards.

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Mawar de Jongh assesses the brightening jicama series as suitable for young people. The content of the Bengkoang series Brightening material is completely suitable for Indonesian skin. The new packaging is fresher and the ingredients contained allow users to feel the benefits for the skin more maximally.

Kusuma Ida Anjani as chairman of the Election Committee of Puteri Indonesia and Director of Business Development and Innovation of PT Mustika Ratu Tbk said ” in one series of skincare contains Niacinamide, Centella Asiatica or cica.” Other ingredients such as Rosehip Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Chamomile Extract, jicama, Licorice Extract, and Vitamin C can brighten 8x stronger,” she said. Users can feel the benefits even from the first use of skincare.

So don’t wait for long, want to have bright & glowing skin instantly with skincare. Use a brightening Bengkoang Series to let your skin become #InstaBrightGlow



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