Preventing Disease Together with Traditional Herbal Medicines

Several regions in Indonesia are still rainy since the night of the New Year’s eve. In addition to transportation disruptions and property damage, flooding also causes various health problems. Health problems that often occur in the rainy season, for example, are dengue fever and flu. In the rainy season, dengue fever cases caused by Aedes aygepti mosquitoes have increased due to the large amount of dirty puddles around us. Flood water contains various elements that can endanger the body’s health.

Influenza viruses are also susceptible to occur in this season. The world was recently shocked by a disease that has similar symptoms to influenza, a disease called Corona Virus Disease 2019 or COVID19, caused by Severa Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2 or SARS-CoV-2 virus. Beginning to spread in Wuhan, China, it has infected more than 80,000 people worldwide. With no cure for this disease, the spread of the virus has expanded to several countries in Asia, the Middle East, and also several countries in Europe. Like other diseases that interfere with the respiratory system, the first most common symptom is fever. Patients also usually have difficulty breathing, muscle aches, fatigue, and dry cough. These symptoms seem similar to pneumonia. The difference is that the symptoms of COVID19 can get worse quickly. COVID-19 has infected 80,146 people until Tuesday (2/25/2020).

The most important prevention from infections of various diseases caused by viruses or bacteria is to maintain the body’s immune system. Once we suffer any infection, the immune system will respond by attacking foreign viruses or bacteria. The strong immune system can be obtained in simple ways, such as getting enough rest, eating healthy food, and maintaining cleanliness. Regular consumption of natural ingredients that are rich in benefits, such as herbal medicines, can also be a major alternative to maintaining endurance.

Herbal medicine is a health drink from Indonesia’s cultural heritage. Various types of plants and herbs that are most commonly used include ginger, galangal, turmeric, tamarind, and cinnamon. Turmeric contains active antimicrobial substances that can inhibit growth and kill several types of fungi, bacteria, and viruses that endanger the body’s health. Tamarind contains vitamin C and strong antioxidants to ward off free radicals to increase body immunity. Other benefits of herbal spices include anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anticancer, and antimicrobial resources.

Drinking herbal medicine can be an alternative to prevent various diseases including viral infections. Herbal medicine and body care products from Mustika Ratu can be an option for routine consumption. Ready-to-drink herbal medicines by Mustika Ratu with three flavors, including Beras Kencur, Turmeric Acid, and Tamarind Sugar are produced from 100% natural ingredients and can be consumed instantly. Moreover, Mustika Ratu tea series herbal medicines, such as Slimming tea, Lokol tea, and Uric tea can also be consumed daily to keep the body healthy. Slimming tea is efficacious to reduce excess fat in the body, Lokol tea is efficacious for lowering cholesterol levels, and Uric tea for lowering uric acid.

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