Medicinal Plants, 14 Species and its Benefits For the Body

medicinal plants

Medicinal plants, do you ever heard the meaning of medicinal plants? The term refers to several plants that have the properties to heal and relieve a variety of diseases. The plants are there a wide variety, no fruit, spices, leafy plants, and also flowering. Well, you are definitely aware of some of the plants that […]

For A Healthier Indonesia, This Herbal Supplement Is Presented


Herbal medicine is still so the choice of the people, although the technology in the medical world has been more advanced. Someone needs to utilize herbal remedies are not only in Indonesia. The people who come from other countries also wear herbal medicine as one of the fulfillment of their medical needs. The next thing […]

Powerful Way To Maintain Immune In The Midst of Pandemic


In a time of pandemic like today, the desire to maintain endurance certainly can not be underestimated. More and more people are realizing that maintaining their immune system must be done regularly. In addition to exercising, of course we need to add intake of herbal supplements as a powerful way to help strengthen our immune […]