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Wins Best National Costume, Jihan Congratulated By Mustika Ratu and Yayasan Puteri Indonesia

Poland – Nowy Sacz, Mustika Ratu and Yayasan Puteri Indonesia, congratulated the representatives of Indonesia, Puteri Indonesia Pariwisata 2020, Jihane Almira who managed to win the title of Best National Costume at beauty pageant Miss Supranational 2021 in Nowy Sacz, Poland.

Yayasan Puteri Indonesia has announced the success of the Jihane with photos of the dress of national costumes through the account Instagram @puteriindonesia on Friday (20/8/2021).

This success is certainly not separated from the support of Mustika Ratu and Yayasan Puteri Indonesia, which has been preparing for more than one-year-old.

Jihan Almira Rendition of the National Costume Themed Beauty Caballus

“Thank you Mustika Ratu and Yayasan Puteri Indonesia, which has provided the opportunity and trust. I am glad to get this achievement. Please pray that I can achieve that the best and bring the crown of Miss Supranational for the first time,” said Jihane who is preparing for his performance in the Grand Final via a Whatsapp message.

Jihane successfully promotes products industry traditional culture-based work of nations, tourism, and culture of Indonesia with the fashion shown Jihane through the National Costume and the time of the contest Miss Supranational take place.

Jihane brings the National Costume theme The Dashing of Equus Caballus collaboration Levico Boutique with Eggie Jasmin Artisan Couture inspired by the uniqueness and the gallantry of the horse Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara, which has the advantage of power between the horses of any other types in Indonesia.

The costume consists of a bustier, steel cap, and boots. Made with a layer of gold that symbolizes novelty, power, and glory. Not only that, but ‘The Dashing of Equus Ferus’ also studded 10 thousand diamonds rhinestones.

A mix of brocade fabric and sequins on the inside of the costume gives a feminine touch. To beautify and give the impression of luxury, there are extra pearl and crystal drops applied to the costumes.

Jihane Almira has followed a series of events of Miss Supranational 2021 which has been ongoing since last week. Grand Final Miss Supranational 2021 will be held on Saturday, August 21, 2021, at The Parku Strzeleckim Amphitheater in Nowy Sacz, Poland. Mustika Ratu and Yayasan Puteri Indonesia will be broadcast on private television station Metro TV lives on August 22, from 1 to 4 the early days of Western Indonesia Time.

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