Successful MRAT Strategy Generate Net Sales During the Third Quarter of 2021

Successful MRAT Strategy

Jakarta – Saturday, 30 October 2021, refer to the Decision of Chairman of Bapepam dan LK Nomor: KEP-346/BL/2011 dated 05 July 2011 regulation No.X.K.2 about the Submission of Periodic Financial Statements of Issuers or Public Companies and the financial services authority REGULATION Number: 7/POJK.04/2018 dated 25 April 2018 on the Submission of Reports through the […]

Sinarmas Distribution Nusantara (SDN) is ready to distribute the surge in demand for Mustika Ratu Health Products (MRAT)

Jakarta – Herbal medicine, health and cosmetic company PT Mustika Ratu Tbk (MRAT) revealed that the demand for health supplement products has continued to increase since last year’s pandemic. This can be seen in the significant growth in MRAT sales in the Health product line, to Rp 59.48 billion in 2020, and this has increased […]