Candi Borobudur
Central Java

Candi Borobudur
Central Java

Secang Sembada

Antioksidan, menghangatkan badan

Jahe, Kayu Secang, Daun/BuahPala, Cengkeh, Kayu Manis, Kapulaga, Sereh

Borobudur Temple is the largest Buddhist heritage building in the world that was found in 1814 M. At Borobudur Temple there are reliefs that describe the process of concocting herbal medicine. This proves that herbal medicine is a legacy of ancestors that must be preserved by the people of Indonesia. The word “herbal” comes from the ancient Javanese language which means Djampi or prayer and Oesodo or health. Secang (Caesalpinia sappan L.) is known as an ingredient for making delicious and refreshing syrup. The name Secang is also enshrined as the name of a district in the city of Magelang, about 25 km from Borobudur Temple. Wedang Secang is a hot drink whose recipe is inherited from culture in Central Java.

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