Mustika Ratu (MRAT) handed over Herbamuno+ aid for the prevention of Covid-19 in PATI – Central Java

PATI – The Regent of Pati Haryanto as Chair of the Covid-19 Handling Acceleration Group received assistance from PT Mustika Ratu Tbk (MRAT) in the form of herbal supplements Herbamuno+ and Hand Sanitizer at the Pati Regency Pendapo, Monday (21/6/2021).

The assistance was handed over by Regional Sales Manager (RSM) Health Regional 3 Central Java and West Java, Maryanto Hadiningrat as support for PT Mustika Ratu Tbk for the prevention of COVID-19 in Pati Regency.

The Regent of Pati, Haryanto expressed his gratitude for the assistance of Herbamuno+ herbal supplements and Hand Sanitizer provided by Mustika Ratu. He will immediately distribute this assistance to people in need during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“This assistance is very useful for people in need, hopefully by consuming Herbamuno+, people can maintain their immune system and stay healthy so that activities can run smoothly,” said Haryanto after receiving the aid.

Previously, the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo stated that currently there are eight that are in the red zone for the spread of COVID-19, namely Kudus, Demak, Grobogan, Jepara, Sragen, Tegal, Brebes and Pati Regencies.

To stop the spread of covid in his area, Haryanto has also implemented strict health protocols on all lines up to the RT and RW levels. The government has also issued a letter of mutual agreement regarding the limitation of community celebration activities during the pandemic which contains a call to increase strict health protocols in their respective regions.

“Any activity that has the potential to bring in a lot of people will be prohibited. If you do not heed the agreement, then get ready to disband the Covid-19 Task Force,” said Haryanto.

Seeing the increasing spread of Covid-19 in Pati, Regional Sales Manager (RSM) Health Regional 3 Central Java and West Java, Maryanto Hadiningrat hoped that the Herbamuno+ and Hand Sanitizer assistance provided could be useful in overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic in Central Java, especially in Pati district. and surrounding.

The immune system is very important during the corona virus pandemic. To have a strong immune system, a person needs certain supplements or vitamins, nutritious food, adequate sleep and balanced with exercise.

“Herbamuno+ is very good and safe to strengthen the body’s immune system which contains 5 selected herbs from Indonesia, namely Green chireta, Licorice, Gale of the wind, Small Ginger, Cashew Nut Leaf. The combination of these 5 herbs creates an optimal blend and has benefits as an immunomodulator and has received a Marketing Permit and Production Permit number from BPOM. Herbamuno is currently in the process of clinical trials to become a phytopharmaca product.

Herbamuno+ is the result of Mustika Ratu’s innovation, which since 2020 has been expanding its business by expanding into the healthcare and personal care segment in addition to cosmetics, herbal medicine and beverages that have existed since the beginning, said Maryanto.

Herbalmuno+ products are dedicated to all Indonesian people to maintain health and fitness, especially during the current pandemic and to support the Indonesian government’s program to accelerate the handling of Covid-19.

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