Press Release – Mustika Ratu (MRAT) and YPI sent Puteri Indonesia to the Miss Universe 2021 event

Jakarta, 22 April 2021 – The most prestigious international beauty pageant, the 69th Miss Universe will finally be awarded in May 2021 in Florida, United States. The implementation, which was delayed in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, has now been officially announced and will be carried out again by the Miss Universe Organization. This event was last held in 2019, in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, Mustika Ratu (MRAT) and the Yayasan Puteri Indonesia sent Puteri Indonesia 2019, Frederika Alexis Cull and won the Top 10 position.

This year Mustika Ratu (MRAT) and the Yayasan Puteri Indonesia (YPI) are sending Puteri Indonesia 2020, RR. Ayu Maulida Putri as the representative from Indonesia to compete in the 69th Miss Universe event.

Puteri Indonesia will compete with 72 finalists from other countries in the 69th Miss Universe quarantine which will take place from May 6, 2021 until the top night of the Grand Final which will be held on May 16, 2021 in Florida, United States.

Since being elected as Puteri Indonesia 2020, RR. Ayu Maulida Putri has been prepared by Mustika Ratu (MRAT) and the Yayasan Puteri Indonesia to compete and make the nation’s name proud in international beauty pageant.

As stated by the Chairperson of the Advisory Board for the Yayasan Puteri Indonesia, Putri Kus Wisnu Wardani, “Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has not ended yet, the preparations made by Mustika Ratu (MRAT) and the Yayasan Puteri Indonesia are still maximized. I hope that Ayu Maulida Putri can achieve the best results at the 69th Miss Universe event and bring the Crown Miss Universe to Indonesia. Of course, this is a challenge for Ayu Maulida and Indonesia in competing at the Miss Universe event. Ayu Maulida also has a mission to promote cultural-based traditional industrial products made by the nation’s children and to introduce tourism and culture that Indonesia has. One of the ways to show this is through clothing and products displayed by Ayu Maulida during quarantine and during the contest”. It was stated during the press conference for Ayu Maulida Putri Goes to the 69th Miss Universe at Lobo Resto – Ritz Carton Hotel Mega Kuningan, Jakarta. Center, Thursday (22/04).

On that occasion, Ayu Maulida also demonstrated several clothing by well-known Indonesian designers such as Sebastian Gunawan, Diana M Putri, Priyo Oktaviano, Anne Avantie, national costumes by Diana M Putri in collaboration with Le Ciel Design entitled “KOMODO” and accessories from Hartono Wira Tanik (HWT) and Le Ciel Design at the press conference.

Furthermore, the President Director of PT Mustika Ratu Tbk (MRAT) said “Mustika Ratu (MRAT) fully supports Puteri Indonesia 2020, at the 69th Miss Universe event, this support is in line with the company’s commitment as producer of beauty, herbal medicine, and health to expand the international market continuously, carry out innovation and transformation in facing the challenges of the cosmetic, herbal and health market both nationally and internationally.

Mustika Ratu products are very relevant and in demand all over the world. Moreover, the Mustika Ratu Brand for years has always managed to get the Top Brand Awards and Indonesia Best Brand which shows the strong potential for Mustika Ratu to penetrate the world market.

The Miss Universe event is one of Mustika Ratu’s opportunities to promote Mustika Ratu products to foreign countries through Puteri Indonesia as the nation’s representative. Hopefully Ayu Maulida can provide the best results for the nation.”, said Bingar Egidius.

Mustika Ratu has prepared the best product range, one of which is the herbal supplement caplet Herbamuno+ which is needed to increase endurance while participating in the Miss Universe quarantine during the current pandemic. Herbamuno+ Herbal Supplements have been proven empirically and clinically to be very beneficial for health. Herbamuno+ contains 5 original selected herbs from Indonesia, namely Green Chireta, Licorice, Gale of the wind, Small Ginger and Cashew Nut Leaf. The combination of these 5 herbs creates an optimal blend and has benefits as an immunomodulator, has obtained a distribution license number, a production permit from BPOM and is in the process of clinical trials to become a Phytopharmaca product as a natural medicine that will be scientifically proven for its safety and efficacy.

Ayu Maulida will also use beauty products from Mustika Ratu and bring souvenirs to all participants in the form of beauty products from Beauty Queen Mustika Ratu, which is the first Indonesian cosmetics to beautify and treat skin with moringa which has very high antioxidants. This product has been tested and has become products used by Puteri Indonesia every day and at special events such as the Puteri Indonesia Final Night and are also used to make up and beautify the queens of the world such as Miss Universe, Miss International, and Miss Supranational.

As the representative of Indonesia, Ayu Maulida who was born in Surabaya on July 11, 1997 has been very well prepared. Determined to not lose to her seniors who won at Miss Universe, Ayu Maulida is ready to bring home the title of the 69th Miss Universe to Indonesia. Various preparations for one year have been undertaken, one of which is learning make-up and hairstyling herself, “Since the beginning of being selected as Puteri Indonesia 2020, I have trained to make preparations, by doing beauty treatments inside and out at Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa, studying Mustika Ratu’s hair and makeup techniques taught directly by the Professional Make Up Artist Team of Mustika Ratu by using superior products from Mustika Ratu Beauty Queen Series. said Ayu Maulida.

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