Mustika Ratu and MPR RI and Some Organizations Held a Solidarity Action Against Coronavirus

JakartaThe People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) in collaboration with the Central PWI, Kadin Indonesia, Motor Besar Indonesia, Ojek Online Community, Gabungan Aksi Roda Dua, Mustika Ratu and Puteri Indonesia Foundation held a solidarity action against the corona, Fight Corona.

The solidarity action for the print, online and electronic journalists as well as the Ojek Online (Ojol) Community held today (3/23/2020) in front of the Main Gate of the MPR starting at 14.00 WIB till the event done.

On this occasion, 1,000 aid packages containing five washable masks, five pairs of rubber gloves, five hand sanitizers, one bottle of 45 grains Vitamin C, one snack box, four ready to drink jamu (galangal rice, tamarind sugar, turmeric tamarind) and one olive hand gel sanitizer from Mustika Ratu and Puteri Indonesia Foundation will be distributed.

During the social action, the MPR emphasized for the participants to remain disciplined by maintaining a safe distance of 1 meter, in which this social action that promotes solidarity will be carried out with the Corona drive-thru system, as conducted in South Korea.

For the arrangement of this action, the committee has set the procedure, in which the ojol community is coordinated by its leaders who are waiting at the Taman Ria park. Then, each of them maintains one-meter distance, starting when the motorcade goes to the front of the MPR gate. Before reaching the main tent, in front of the Parliament Building Gate (regulated by the Polda and Pamdal), they and their motorbikes will be sprayed by disinfectants.

After being sprayed, the motorbikes will head to the main tent, 10 motors for each group, without getting down from the motorbike to pick up the package that had been prepared on the table and immediately left without handover nor handshakes with the MPR leaderships.

The aid packages that have been placed on 10 tables are each 1 meter away. Behind each of the tables, there will be six MPR leaders, Central PWI Chairman, Kadin Chairman, Parliamentary Press Room Chairman, Puteri Indonesia 2020, Runner Up III Puteri Indonesia 2020, MBI Chairman, Gerak BS Chairman, and other committees behind the table, under the tent with a distance of 1 meter.

The journalists will receive the package and head to the main tent from inside the DPR yard and a tent had been prepared for the journalists to wait near the main gate post of the Parliament Building with a seat distance of 1 meter.

Before starting the event, all of them who present will be sprayed all over their bodies. All must wear a mask and rubber gloves that have been prepared. It is recommended to bring a hat and glasses.

When the event is done, before leaving the venue, everything will be sprayed again to make sure there is no virus on the participants’ clothes.

During the activity, it will be monitored by doctors from the Parliament clinic, also by two other doctors, dr Rheza Maulana and dr Zainy Hamzah.

Source: Warta Ekonomi

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