2 Essential Keys to Increase Immunity System to Prevent Disease

The outbreak of COVID-19 is spread out throughout the world in recent months. Because of COVID-19, we also hear the term immunity more often. What actually is immunity and how important is the role of the immune system to prevent disease?

The immune system can be likened as soldiers in our bodies. Meanwhile, viruses or bacteria causing disease are enemies to our bodies. The inflammation process and infection occurred in the body is the result of war between both of them. The war will be won by our bodies if we have a strong army. Therefore, it is essential for us to have a strong and healthy immune system.

First defense line of our bodies is to live a healthy lifestyle continuously. Every part of our bodies, including the immune system, will work better when it is supported by a strategy of healthy lifestyle. Two of the many essential tips for maintaining our immune system are to meet nutritional needs and maintain personal and environmental hygiene.

Balanced intake of nutrition is significant for the body’s metabolic processes and cell regeneration. 4 healthy 5 perfect is not enough. We also need additional intake of macro and micro nutritions to support the body’s endurance, such as vitamins, supplements, and herbs. Herbs like curcuma, red ginger, turmeric, galangal, and Javanese tamarind can help to meet the main nutrients because the herbs contain many active substances to enhance the immune system. For example, they serve as an antimicrobial, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and so on. Nowadays, spices/jamu are widely available and can be consumed easily.

The next key is to maintain cleanliness. Many diseases can infect our bodies due to our negligence in maintaining the environment and personal hygiene. The disease can be anticipated by regularly bathing and washing hands using soap containing antiseptics and antioxidants. Beside using soap, cleaning hands can also use a hand sanitizer (gel or spray) regularly. For example, after touching public facilities or objects often touched by many people such as banisters, money, elevator buttons, ATM machines, and door handles. Washing hands with soap and hand sanitizer must be done thoroughly throughout the palm, the back of the hand, and between the fingers.

Mustika Ratu continues to innovate to provide health products that can help improve the immune system. Among them are the immune booster package drink and RTD (ready to drink) jamu for the prevention of diseases from the inside, and hand sanitizers (gels and sprays) for the prevention of diseases from the outside. Imboost package drink is available in four variants of powdered jamu, including curcuma drink, saffron-colored rice herbs, turmeric-tamarind herbs, and red ginger herbs. The content of those drinks is highly well known for its natural properties for health.

Source: https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/how-to-boost-your-immune-system

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