Press Release – Mustika Ratu Provides Assistance to Flood Victims in Lebak-Banten

Lebak, Banten. Indonesia was again in grief. Flash floods hit the districts of Bogor, Jakarta, Banten, and other areas in Indonesia. Floods have struck hundreds of peoples houses due to the overflow of rivers. As a result of this disaster, dozens of people died, dozens more are still in search, and thousands of residents sought refuge in temporary shelter.

PT Mustika Ratu Tbk, the biggest herbal and cosmetic company in Indonesia that becomes a national pride, provides assistance to victims affected by the flash floods and landslides that hit the Lebak-Banten area.

Assistance from Mustika Ratu was distributed directly by the Puteri Indonesia Lingkungan 2019, Jolene Marie Rotinsulu to the community in a temporary shelter on Friday, January 17, 2020 at the Shelter Center of Dodiklatpur Rindam 3 Siliwangi, Ciuyah, Lebak Banten.

Mustika Ratu provides assistance in the form of health products to be used as daily necessities such as Soap, Shampoo, and Telon Oil of Mustika Ratu as well as food, sanitary napkins, mens and womens clothing, school bag packages, stationery, and toys for children.

President Director of PT Mustika Ratu Tbk, Bingar Egidius Situmorang represented all management and employees of Mustika Ratu, delivered his deepest condolences for this tragedy.

We are concerned about the flood disaster that affect our brothers and sisters in Labak Banten. Hopefully this assistance can help ease their burden who are being hit by the disaster.

Mustika Ratu is highly concerned about the social issues of the nation. It has become part of corporate social responsibility where we want to share with those in need. Therefore, we delivered assistance that is needed immediately by the community,Egidius said.

Assistance from Mustika Ratu was brought directly by Puteri Indonesia Lingkungan 2019, Jolene Marie Rotinsulu from Jakarta together with the team from Mustika Ratu. It was symbolically handed over to the Commander of Dodiwlatpur Rindam 3 Siliwangi, Ciuyah, Lebak Banten, Lieutenant Colonel Ageng and to the victims at the shelter center.

I am really sad and sorry for this disaster. Hopefully, the assistance given by Mustika Ratu can help and ease their burden. I brought telon oil of Mustika Ratu which can provide health and protection for babies and children from disease outbreaks and soap and shampoo of Mustika Ratu to maintain cleanliness and skin health. Also, we brought other essentials needed such as clothes, food, and toys for children, said Jolene.

Hopefully this disaster will not re-occur. Furthermore, we must continue to be vigilant of the environment around us, especially for people who live on the banks of the river to maintain cleanliness and the forest or trees as a buffer to avoid flooding and landslides.

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