Tren Back To Nature

Trend Back To Nature Attract Dubai Expo Visitor

Trend back to nature make visitor are interested on Mustika Ratu’s product and managed to captivate the hearts of global visitors on international event.

According to Republic of Indonesia and General Consul,  Kartika Candra Negara said as much as 2,5 million visitor has attending Indonesia Pavilion at Dubai Expo from opening October 1st 2021 until March 31st 2022.

One of interesting session is Sarinah Business Forum. Those event successfully brought a lot of visitor from various circle such as government, sociallita, community, and tourism, food and beverage, beauty, health and farming industry player.

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In this forum, Sarinah in collaboration with Mustika Ratu, presented original Indonesian products namely Jamu Modern RTD and Jejamu by Mustika Ratu. Located in the Indonesian Pavilion theater room opened by H. E. Husin Bagis as Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Also present was Mrs. Merry Maryati as Director of Promotion and Image Development of the Ministry of Trade as well as Director of the Indonesian Pavilion. Sarinah Trade Director, Rakesh Kumar Ashok Adwani also appeared at the event, Thursday (24/03/2022).

Tren Back To Nature

Sarinah Trade Director, Rakesh Kumar Ashok Adwani said that Sarinah introduce Trading House, various product and commodity who has potensial exported from Indonesia.

“This cooperation widen Indonesia’s herbal export market, especially Beauty Queen and traditional drink handled  by Sarinah,” Rakesh said.

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“Mustika Ratu presents Beauty Queen Series, Modern Herbal RTD and Jejamu by Mustika Ratu made from natural ingredients, safe, and halal. This is MRAT’s move to expand the market to the UAE and Qatar. It was the main destinations in the Middle East region. Saudi Arabia has first become the export destination of our products, ” Kusuma Ida Anjani, Director of PT Mustika Ratu Tbk.

Herb Barista Mustika Ratu, Ahmad Suganti able to meet the needs of visitors when preparing a blend of Jejamu and Modern Herbal RTD. Jejamu came with various of delicious flavors such as sour turmeric, sour sugar, and Golden Turmeric Latte.

Modern Herbal Medicine RTD is also a healthy, fresh, and nutritious drink.  It has 3 (three) flavor variants: Sour Sugar, Saffron-colored Rice (Beras Kencur) and Sour Turmeric. More than that, this herbal medicine is an innovative herbal medicine with Ultra High Technology (UHT) packaging in Indonesia.

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Visitors pay attention to health products made from natural ingredients and have halal certification. This is a great potential aspect for Mustika Ratu to penetrate the Middle East.

“Starting from spices, food and health drinks, crude palm oil, medical device products and many cosmetics that they are interested in,” he said.

He explained that the UAE people pay attention on Trend Back To Nature product made from natural and halal ingredients.

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Mustika Ratu’s professional makeup artist, Stiadi Tanniwijaya, attract attention of visitors. This happened while practicing cosmetics Beauty Queen to one of the models. The session took the theme ”Appearing Glamorous with Halal Cosmetics” at the Indonesian Pavilion Theater Room, Thursday (24/03/2022).

Stiadi explained the benefits and uses of Beauty Queen Cosmetics that are trusted. Beauty Queen also used to beautify all Indonesian princesses and Queen of the World who came to Indonesia.
“We should not worry on using Beauty Queen cosmetics because Beauty Queen makeup doesn’t cause irritation or other skin disorders. You will still look beautiful with healthy skin,” he added.

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This cosmetic is made from natural ingredients and contains antioxidants so that users can look beautiful with healthy skin. Other natural ingredients such as moringa seed extract which contains high antioxidants, vitamin E which is effective to ward off free radicals, increase collagen production to reduce fine wrinkles, and help treat youthfulness of the skin on the face,” said Stiadi in front of foreign visitors.

“Mustika Ratu’s product gain positive respons during event. It shows that global market pay attention into natural, healthy, safe and halal product. They compare with other international brand which using chemical material in its ingredient,” Stiadi said.***



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