Exports to Japan, Jamu Mustika Ratu Gives Pride to Indonesia

Exports to Japan, Jamu Mustika Ratu Gives Pride to Indonesia

Exports to Japan, Jakarta-PT Mustika Ratu Tbk (MRAT) through President Director Bingar Egidius Situmorang released the first container to Japan for modern Ready To Drink (RTD) herbal drink products.

The ceremony was also attended by Indonesian buyers at the Mustika Ratu warehouse, Ciracas – East Jakarta, Friday (01/07/2022).

Jamu RTD is an innovative herbal medicine that is packaged in a modern and practical for consumption, healthy, fresh, nutritious, and halal with variants of sour sugar, sour turmeric, and Kaempferia galanga L.

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This herbal medicine is processed with Ultra High Technology (UHT), making it the first herbal medicine in Indonesia produced through modern technology, to produce herbs that are safe for consumption by children to adults.

As President Director of PT Mustika Ratu Tbk (MRAT), Bingar Egidius Situmorang said. The success of jamu RTD in exporting products to Japan should be proud of.

Considering that Japan is quite strict in providing quality tests on products that will be marketed in the country.

“Mustika Ratu continues to innovate and appear as a pioneer of halal, natural beauty, and wellness products that are quality and beneficial for health and beauty.

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Jamu RTD Mustika Ratu has passed Quality Test and meets the requirements set. We are ready to export to Japan, “said Bingar Egidius.

As explained by Director of Business Development PT Mustika Ratu Tbk-Kusuma Ida Anjani. The Asian community, especially in Japan, pays attention to products with natural and halal ingredients.

“Mustika Ratu products get a positive response in Japan. This shows that the world market is very interested in natural and halal products.

Japan is the latest country to export Mustika Ratu products after 29 other countries have become export destinations including America, Europe, and Africa,” said Kusuma Ida Anjani.

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Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Japan and the Federation of Micronesia H.E. Heri Akhmadi said, the opportunity for Indonesian food and beverage products is very large for the Japanese market, and we must be able to fill this large market.

“The presence of modern herbal products ready to drink is an innovative and intelligent breakthrough from Mustika Ratu. Japan’s summer momentum is also the right time for the entry of fresh Indonesian health drink products,” said Ambassador Heri Ahmadi.

Ambassador Heri Akhmadi added that he was also proud of Indonesian products that successfully entered the country of Japan.

“I congratulate you on the release of the first container of jamu beverage Mustika Ratu to Japan. I’m sure this product could be well received by Japanese citizens. Also further strengthen the proud motto Made in Indonesia in Japan. Subarashii Mustika Ratu,” said Ambassador Heri Akhmadi.

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Indonesia’s soft drink exports to Japan in 2021 reached nearly one million USD, and the last five years rose by 3.96%.”

Mustika Ratu is committed in order to delivering quality products with high standards. They also focus on research, innovation, and technological advances.

Mustika Ratu will take advantage of this export business opportunity for much greater business development.***

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