Review skincare dari Mustika Ratu Brightening Bengkoang Series. (Tangkapan layar Youtube iifa latifah)

Mustika Ratu Brightening Bengkoang Series, Does It Really Make A Glowing Face ? Check Out This YouTuber’s Honest Review

Mustika Ratu – Having glowing facial skin is certainly the dream of many people, so not infrequently they have their own skincare preferences.

Of the many choices, one of the skincare that is considered effective in making the face look glowing is a series of skincare from Mustika Ratu.

Although now a series of skincare from various brands ranging from domestic to foreign markets in Indonesia penetrated, but the brand Mustika Ratu still exist in the market.

Who doesn’t know the Queen of Hearts? The legendary brand that is still attached to the hearts of the people has a series of skincare products, namely the Brightening Bengkoang Series.

Brightening Bengkoang series Mustika Ratu has a series of facial treatments that have the basic ingredients of bengkoang. Yam is a fruit that is known for a long time can make the skin more white and smooth.

A Youtube channel Iifa Latifah tried to review a series of Brightening skincare Mustika Ratu Bengkoang series.

This article was previously published in with the title ” honest Review of the skincare series from Mustika Ratu Brightening Bengkoang Series, does it really make a glowing face? “

He said that the composition of this Mustika Ratu skincare is 100 percent from yam and contains vitamin C which gives a bright effect on the skin.

Skincare Mustika Ratu bengkoang series consists of cleanser, facial wash, mask, and moisturizer.

Two in One Cleanser Toner

One series of Brightening Mustika Ratu bengkoang series has two functions, namely as a cleanser or makeup remover and toner. This skincare series has a brightening effect on some acne scars and maintains skin elasticity.

“For the content there are yam, licorice,niacinamide, and vitamin C to disguise acne scars and brightening,” said Youtube channel Iifa Latifah.

Facial Wash

Facial wash from Bengkoang series Mustika Ratu is in addition to cleaning dirt, it can also disguise acne scars. The texture of this facial wash itself has a smooth scrub when applied but does not make the skin sore.

In addition to being a facial wash, it has another function, namely as an exfoliant. The content itself is the same as the Two in one toner Cleanser, but there is a slight difference that there is a Rosehip Oil content that is able to provide moisture to the skin.

Cream or Face Mask

Still according to him, this one mask is processed from the original jicama juice which serves to make the skin look fresh after use.

“For the mask itself, there is a farming effect that is like making our skin pull but calm down, he doesn’t make the skin tight,” he said.

This one mask contains yam, licorice, niacinamide, and vitamin C which can disguise acne scars and brighten the skin.


Present in the form of smaller packaging, moisturizer from jicama has the same function, namely brightening the face.

This one moisturizer is able to disguise pores, acne scars and make facial skin glowing.

“The texture is light like lotion, when first applied it feels like it makes it moist so it quickly absorbs it but doesn’t make it sticky at all,” he added.

After using a series of Brightening skincare Mustika Ratu bengkoang series, the owner of this Youtube channel admitted that this series of facial treatments turned out to have a glowing effect on the skin.***

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