Puteri Indonesia Tourism 2016 Intan Aletrino enliven Trade Gathering Mustika Ratu

(Surabaya) – For the sake of good alliances, Puteri Indonesia Tourism 2016 Intan Aletrin participated in trade gathering between PT Mustika Ratu and some shop owners from East Java. This trade gathering event is routine activity undertaken by Mustika Ratu cooperation with existing stores as the spearhead of sale of the Mustika Ratu products. The event is held in conjuction with the launcing of the latest products of PT Mustika Ratu Tbk that was held at the Hotel Grand Palace, Surabaya, Friday (21/10). The event look so festive with a touch of yellow and green accroding to the latest products that launched its called Duo Face Care Glow & Tight and CC (Color Correcting) Cream. Duo Face Care Glow & Tight consists of face peeling gel and peel off mask with a refreshing scent of Green Tea and lemon who focus on facial skin care. As for CC (Color Correcting) Cream comes in 3 variants; Brightening (Flawless & Bright Look), Aura (Flawless & Silky Look) and Real Complexion Care (Flawless Look). Flawless Complexion care makes the skin look brighter, brightening Flawless & Bright Look to make the skin look brighter and give a sparkling effect like pearls and aura flawless and silky look to maintain skin elasticity and give a silky touch. This trade gathering event is filled with suave and dinner, Puteri Indonesia Tourism 2016 Intan Aletrino also contributed a song from Alicia Keys entitled No One to entertain the trade gathering. In addition, Intan also be asked to follow the process of launching a new product and photo session and prize giving. Intan herself feel proud to take part in this event. “I am very happy and thrilled to be taking part in this Gathering Trade. Hopefully in the future will continue to be successful and established a good cooperation,” said Intan. Meanwhile, the President Director of Mustika Ratu, Putri K Wardhani said she was happy with the trade gathering. The reason, a good relationship with the sellers should continue in the future. “They have helped spearhead for the sale of products Mustika Ratu,” said Putri K. Wardani.