Public Expose 2016 PT Mustika Ratu, Tbk

Jakarta, 16 October 2016, at Graha Mustika Ratu, PT Mustika Ratu, Tbk. held a public exposure (public expose). In this public expose, the company delivered a financial performance and activities of the company for the six month period ended at 30 June 2016.

For the first semester of 2015, the company recorded net sales of Rp. 178.154.788.279 (One Hundred Seventy Eight Billion One Hundred Fifty-Four Million Seven Hundred Eighty Eight Thousand Two Hundred Seventy Nine Rupiah) and a net profit of Rp. 490.033.800 (Four Hundred Ninety Million thirty Three Thousand Eight Hundred Rupiah).

In 2016, the company launched several new products, there are Duo Face Care Glow & Care (Face Peeling Gel & Peel Off Mask) and Hand & Body Lotion with Aromatic Flower & Fruit Sensation With UV & UV B Protection. With these efforts the company is able to hit the wider market target and strengthen the product lines that already exist today.

The Company distributes its products to over 53 local distributors, 4 branches and one national distributor, both at province and district throughout Indonesia, with distribution system the company seeks to bring its product to consumers primarily through conventional outlets, and counters. The company also maximizes online sales / E-Commerce and through Social Media and Beauty Blogger.

Throughout the first semester of 2016, the company has eraned some award, they are:

Indonesia Best Brand Double Platinum for Mustika Ratu Product “Slimming Tea”, Indonesia Best Brand Platinum for Mustika Ratu Product “Olive Oil”, Indonesia Best Brand Platinum for Mustika Ratu Product “Body Splash Cologne” and Top Halal from IPEMI for Mustika Ratu Products powder foundation, lipstick, moisturizers, make up, facial cleanser and anti acne.

With the support of business and supported by the company’s brand that are already well-known, the company will continue to pursue the opportunities to increase business growth, both in domestic and international markets. The performance improvements to increase the satisfaction of the stakeholders.