Mustika Ratu Provide a Donation to the Landslide Victims in Ponorogo

Ponorogo – Landslides disaster hit parts of Ponorogo, East Java. Landslide that occurred on Saturday, April 1st day ago cause some damage such as 23 houses and farm residents. As a result of this disaster were 26 victims are still unaccounted for and are in the process of searching by a team of Search And Rescue (SAR).

Seeing the painful condition of this disaster that befell our people in Ponorogo, PT Mustika Ratu Tbk wants to alleviate the suffering of the victims by supplying various types of donation that may needs.

Donation from Mustika Ratu distributed directly by Puteri Indonesia East Java 2017, Fatma Ayu who has just returned from the event Puteri Indonesia 2017 and was selected as Puteri Indonesia 2017 Java Favorite Social Media together with a team of Mustika Ratu in East Java. Fatma Ayu will meet with the victims of landslides in the reservoir in Banaran village, district. Pulung Ponorogo on Friday (4/14).

Mustika Ratu donate various of products that really needed to be used like daily needs which include soaps, shampoos, oil Telon of Mustika Ratu, along with blankets, breads, instant noodles, mineral water and baby food. “I’m very sorry and concerned over this disaster. Hopefully the assistance that provided by Mustika Ratu slightest can alleviate the suffering of our brothers and sisters were distraught. “Said President Director of PT Mustika Ratu Tbk, Putri K Wardani.

This disaster also bring a deep sorrow for Fatma Ayu, it is because of Fatma who has just returned after struggling to bring the name of East Java in Indonesia beauty contest in 2017, return to the region was greeted with the sad news from Ponorogo victims of landslides in the area.

“I am very sad and sorry for this disaster. Hopefully with the donation by Mustika Ratu could help and alleviate the burden of the victims. I bring Telon Oil Mustika Ratu, which can deliver health and protection for babies and children from disease outbreaks as well as soap and shampoo Mustika Ratu, which can maintain the cleanliness and health of the skin. Besides other necessary requirements such as blankets, food, mineral water, and bread for the children “. said Fatma who also served as the East Java Tourism Ambassador.

Hopefully this tragedy does not happen again in the future, and can provide lessons as well as lessons for us to love the environment and conserve forests and trees as a buffer to prevent the occurrence of landslides, especially in hilly areas.

Thanks to the Puteri Indonesia Alumni Association East Java, which has been fully supports Puteri Indonesia East Java 2017, Fatma Ayu Husnasari, Puteri Indonesia Foundation, and Mustika Ratu, in social activities so that it runs smoothly.