Mustika Ratu Launch Costumer Loyalty Card As an Appreciation to Loyal Costumers

JAKARTA, PT Mustika Ratu Tbk as herbal drink and cosmetics company in Indonesia and as a pioneer of beauty products never stop to always give the best for the consumer and customer. It is proved by new product variant launched recently, tailored to the needs of consumers. Also numerous awards obtained that directly made Mustika Ratu become a trustworthy product.

As a token of appreciation to loyal customers, PT Mustika Ratu Tbk launched a Customer Loyalty Card which took place in Restaurant Palalada Square Grand Indonesia, Saturday (01/28/2017) the event was attended by Puteri Indonesia Lingkungan 2016 Felicia Hwang who is also the 2nd Runner Up Miss International 2016 that also as a speaker on a talk show and share about her impression and experience of using Mustika Ratu products.

Besides that, there’s a special performances by Puteri Indonesia Lingkungan 2015, Chintya Fabyola, Puteri Indonesia Banten in 2016, Belda Amelia, Puteri Indonesia Jakarta 2016, Kurnia Anggraini, Puteri Indonesia NTT 2016, Gloria Angelica, and Puteri Indonesia Jakarta 2015, who use product Mustika Ratu as well. The session was closed with fashion show announce by Anastasia Mustikandrina

Customer Loyalty Card aim to give the costumer a special treatment while shopping both at Mustika Ratu counters and Taman Sari Royal Haritage Spa, also to create and increasing costumer’s loyalty. There are two types of Costumer Loyalty Card, Gold and Diamond that brings a lot of benefits that costumer can get such as: special discount at Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa Wahid Hasyim, Hampers product on birthday, Monthly Gathering with Puteri Indonesia and still many more reward to offer.

President Director of PT Mustika Ratu Tbk, Putri K Wardani explained, loyalty cards coming as our appreciation and provides convenience to the customer also to make them comfort while shopping at Mustika Ratu. “by the presence of Customer Loyalty Card I hope it could be able of reaching new customers and provide excellent services as well as improving our customer loyalty and increase the sales of Mustika Ratu products,” she said

For now, costumer can get Customer Loyalty Card type Gold by shopping on MUstika Ratu product worth of Rp. 300.000 and for Diamond minimum transaction worth of Rp. 750.000 or Rp. 2.500.000 special term for transaction at Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa Wahid Hasyim. In one receipt applies on Java Princess Counter at Graha Mustika Ratu, Mustika Ratu Sarinah Thamrin, Alun-alun Grand Indonesia, Alun-Alun Central Park, Keris Galeri Puri Indah, Pasaraya Grande Blok M, Citrus Botani, Lotus Cibubur, Sogo St. Moritz Puri Kembangan and Star Summarecon Mal Bekasi.