Mustika Ratu Support Banyuwangi Batik Festival (BBF) 2016

Banyuwangi – For the third time Mustika Ratu again confirmed its commitment to support the fashion industry through one of the largest Indonesia batik festival called Banyuwangi Batik Festival (BBF) 2016. Batik as an Indonesia treasure united at BBF with the theme ‘Sekar Jagad Blambangan’. Mustika Ratu still act as an Official Partner for the Make Up of the entire BBF 2016 which took place on 8 till 10 Ovtober 2016. Banyuwangi Batik Festival 2016 also bring in Puteri Indonesia 2016, Kezia Warouw and Puteri Indonesia Tourism 2016, Intan Aletrino and Puteri Indonesia 2016 Top 10 Belda Amelia as an icons. They will wear batik from Banyuwangi alongside with other professional model from Jakarta, Banyuwangi, Surabaya, Bandung, Bali and International model specially designed by fashion designer from Batik Nyonya Indo, Priscila Saputro and Leny Agustin, Irma Lumiga along with other talented designer from Sanet Bintang. All models will get makeup and hair do from Moors Professional Make Up from Jakarta and some from Surabaya. Banyuwangi regent, Azwar Anas said “Mustika Ratu as beauty products are well known and experienced both nationally and overseas, this is already the third time BBF cooperate with Mustika Ratu and we are very proud to be working with Mustika Ratu and Puteri Indonesia Foundation. President Director PT Mustika Ratu Tbk, Putri K Wardani said, “Mustika Ratu as the official make up of BBF not only support the beauty industry and cosmetics, but also provides the capability and empowerment to women who have skills in makeup, beautiful according to Indonesia women that take part in Mustika Ratu Beauty Class Program held at Ballroom Hotel Ketapang Indah on Sunday 9 October 2016. Mustika Ratu beauty class followed by models, performers and women from Banyuwangi regency government is very keen to learn and receive knowledge from the expert team of Mustika Ratu. The ballroom which was originally intended for participants of 80 people become more crowded and exceeded, so that the committee set up extra chairs and tables for the participants. The event Mustika Ratu Beauty Class was opened by the Head Disperindagtam Banyuwangi, Hary Cahyo Purnomo. Hary said “To improve and accelerate economic growth in all sectors required a skilled resource, beautiful and clean. The beauty class participant are expected to learn and get knowledge from Mustika Ratu Beauty Class is to be applied in their daily activities. This is a golden opportunity to learn directly from Mustika Ratu team that already had a big name in terms of both the quality of the product and experience team of professional makeup artist”. Chairman of the Creative Economy (Bekraf), Triawan Munaf said “Mustika Ratu has worked with many talented Indonesia designers and became the official make up partner for fashion both in national and international levels, one of which is BBF. We highly appreciated these kind of activities because it can boost creative econmy and national economic growth. Moreover, this a mixture of batik fashion and Indonesia’s cultural heritage,” said Triawan while watching BBF performances on Sunday (09/10/2016). Mustika Ratu involvement is not only limited to be the makeup sponsor, but also provide resources in the form of Makeup Artist (MUA) Mustika Ratu for all the models and other people in Banyuwangi. We hope the presence of Mustika Ratu as a cosmetics brand that manufactures healthy products and natural beauty to inspire Indonesia women and creative people to deliver their best work, including the art of fashion like Banyuwangi Batik Festival 2016. Mustika Ratu’s involvement is not only limited to be one supporter makeup, but also provide resources in the form of the Make-up Artist (MUA) Mustika Ratu’s best for all performers including the model and mother of PKK who are in Banyuwangi. We hope that the presence of Mustika Ratu as a cosmetics brand that manufactures products healthy and natural beauty to inspire Indonesian women and creative people in the delivery of the works, including the works of fashion in Banyuwangi Batik Festival 2016.