Mustika Ratu gave an aid for the earthquake victims in Pidie-Aceh

Aceh – Indonesia again hit by grief, an earthquake measuring 6.4 magnitude struck Pidie Jaya district at Banda Aceh. The earthquake hit hundreds of homes, buildings and places of worship. As a result of this disaster, dozens of people died, hundreds were seriously injured and homeless. 

Seeing this condition of the disaster that befell our people in Aceh, PT Mustika Ratu Tbk alleviate the suffering of the victims by distributing various types of helps. 

Aid and help from Mustika Ratu were distributed directly by Puteri Indonesia Tourism 2016, Intan Aletrino who had just returned from Miss Supranational 2016 in Poland. She did win by receiving Top 10 and Miss Multimedia. She is not alone, Mustika Ratu representatives from Aceh and Medan were also helping hands to the victims of Aceh earthquake. 

Intan Aletrino meet the victims in temporary shelters in Pidie district on Sunday (10/12). Mustika Ratu provide aids from various products that is needed by the victims and to be used to meet the daily needs which include which include soaps, shampoos, Telon oil for baby and baby food. “I am in grief and sorry for this disaster. Hopefully the aid provided by Mustika Ratu can be alleviate the suffering of the victims” said President Director of PT Mustika Ratu Tbk, Putri K Wardani. 

“Mustika Ratu cared about the victims that has struck our families in Aceh. It has become a part and solidarity of our companies in which we want to share with those in need. However their suffering and sorrow that is felt by our families in Aceh were sorrow for all of us, the grief of Indonesian people, as said the statement of President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo were instructed to make a priority to help for the earthquake victims in Aceh, said Putri, who is now serve as the Secretary of KEIN.