Mustika Puteri X Clozette Blogger Gathering Summer in Style with ACNE SERIES Mustika Puteri

Jakarta – Mustika Puteri always presents very high quality products for teenagers who always accompany their active and dynamic activities.

Not only bringing a high quality products, Mustika Puteri also keep educating the girls to stay healthy, look fresh, smart and beautiful also encourage them to do positive activities, such as beauty blogger gathering.

This event called “Mustika Puteri X Clozette Blogger Gathering – Summer in Style with Acne Series”, invited beauty bloggers who not only actively provide the latest information about the beauty product, but also as a direct user of Mustika Puteri ACNE SERIES. This blogger gathering held at Tanamera Roastery, Kebayoran Baru, on Saturday, May 6, 2017 at 11:00 – 14:00 and also attended by speakers such as General Manager Mustika Ratu, Retno Pratiwi and Chianty Gunawan who work as Fashion Stylist and Beauty Blogger.

The purpose of this event is to educate teenagers about the importance of maintaining health and facial cleanness from acne with a series of products from Mustika Puteri ACNE SERIES namely: Acne Trouble Mist and Acne Gel. “In addition to educating, we also want to share interesting information about skin care and special tips for those who live in the tropical climate. As we know one of the causes of acne is also determine by the climate in the area. With the series of Mustika Puteri ACNE SERIES: Acne Trouble Mist and Acne Natural-based gel can help to maximize the health of facial skin to avoid acne. Acne Trouble Mist is the leading innovation of Mustika Puteri as a solution to acne problems on the back. With Curcuma extract of natural ingredients as an anti-bacterial agent. Beside that, regarding to the topic, “summer in style” This event is not only talking about beauty but also balanced all about fashion trend and all information within. ‘Said Product Manager Mustika Puteri, Fanny Aeni.

With the presence of the beauty blogger is certainly expected to disseminate this information to be viral amid the current millennial generation on how to keep skin healthy to avoid acne along with a series of Mustika Puteri ACNE SERIES complete product consisting of: Facial Cleanser: Acne Facial Foam, Treatment products: Acne Gel, Moisturizing Product: Acne Moisturizer, Acne Compact Powder, Preventive Products and Assisting Treatment: Acne Trouble Mist Spray Product.

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