Blogger Gathering Fit & Health with Slimming Tea by Mustika Ratu

Jakarta, 22 Februari 2017 – Through the brand of Mustika Ratu, Slimming Tea collaborates with held an event “Fit & Health Bloggers Gathering with Slimming Tea by Mustika Ratu”. This event was held at Twin House Cipete attended by President Director of PT. Mustika Ratu Tbk – Puteri Kus Wisnu Wardani MBA, General Manager Marketing of PT. Mustika Ratu Tbk – Retno Pratiwi, Senior Product Manager PT. Mustika Ratu Tbk – Any Wahyuningsih, Chief Editor – Ismoko Widjaja, Nutritionist – Winda Ekayanti, MND, APD, and special appearance the Top 3 Indonesian MasterChef Season 4 – Yulia Baltschun Rizcy & Dawn.

President Director of PT. Mustika Ratu Tbk – Puteri Kus Wisnu Wardani MBA explained about bunch of benefits Slimming Tea Series may brings which is a healthy supplement for those who are on diet program or simply to those who wants to get a proportional body weight. “Of course every women dream in this world is to get a great body shaped. But sometimes busy activities coupled with lack of time to do some exercise becoming the main causes of the accumulation of fat. Slimming Tea Series comes as solution to help them in maintain and control the body fat” she said.

Slimming Tea Series is available in several product variants include: slimming tea, slimming tea honey and lime, and slimming tea sirsak. The series of Slimming Tea products are made of herbal ingredients such as green tea which is rich in anti-oxidants and beneficial to maximize the burning of body fat. Then the dutch teak leaves (Folium Gauzumae) which is rich in tannins and serves to shrink the pores of the intestinal wall so that the fat contained in food are not absorbed. Also bark rapet (Parameriae Cortex) that contains the active ingredients tannins and flavonoids to lower small intestine mucosal protein so that the transit of fatty substances in the intestine of short duration and are not absorbed. Slimming Tea proven efficacy in preclinical operates by MD Tokyo University Japan that can be crushing and dissolve body fat in 28 days. Slimming Tea also proven as SLIMMING PRODUCT BECAUSE That paled believed Consumers Already since 2006 Up to now (11 consecutive years) get Indonesia Best Brand Award for the review category Slimming Tea. Slimming Tea Series product can be consumed by man as well. Slimming Tea Series available at Hypermarket, Alfamart, Day-Day, Giant Hypermart, Giant Express, Hero, Guardian, Farmers, Ranch Market, Aeon And Tiptop.

The purpose of this event, aims to educate blogger and people in Indonesia about the importance in maintaining health through how to control body fat levels especially for women who want to look beautiful with a great body shaped. By looking at the fact now, public interest of media movement from print media / electronic already migrate to digital media / internet rapidly skyrocketed. So with the help of bloggers can help disseminate information on how to live a healthy lifestyle together with Slimming Tea Series by Mustika Ratu.


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